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2017: The most important technology trends for IT decision-makers and CIOs

The Three most important IT trends for 2016 are: Sven Mulder, the CEO of CA Technologies and a digitalization expert. Today he presents his personal hit list.

The information technology, as we know it so far, is from yesterday. Whereas the focus so far has been on all systems, the customer relationship is to be improved and deepened today. And software is the basis for this.

Software is thus one of the most important elements for organizations to be able to transform themselves digitally and to develop and implement new, agile processes – and to bring innovations into the market quickly and safely.

Here are the Three trends, which we are sure will get an even greater attention than 2016 in 2017:

1. Container for a flexible, scalable development

In 2016, the dream of a component-based development, which has been cherished for decades, becomes reality, combined with agile, continuous development practices that enable organizations to change faster than ever before. The focus will be on smaller services, which can be implemented independently and continuously deliver new functions. The days when users had to wait for completely updated applications are finally over.

Containers and microservices are much more flexible and scalable during the development process. They change the way developers build, implement, and update applications. However, agile processes and methodologies are becoming increasingly important in order to be ahead of the competition and customer requirements.

However, a higher use of containers calls for better management control – as was the case when PCs became mainstream. Businesses need to address issues such as security, network optimization, storage, and fail-protection, as these microservices not only have a variety of features, but they also provide upgrades and new features per day. In order to manage this new complexity and to exploit the full potential of the container trend, investments are necessary.

5g technology

2. Agile Security goes to the start

Security as an afterthought – that was once. Security considerations should rather be integrated into the design, development and implementation of an application. As the development cycles shorten, security must be considered during the planning and the development process of an application. The number of security attacks, the financial impact and the eye that the management raises on it make an important role for security within companies imperative. 2016 is all about agile security. As a third pillar alongside DevOps and agile methodologies, Security is the guarantee for a fast software development.

In combination with the right tools, APIs also simplify the security challenges for developers and enhance the impact of flexible processes. This creates greater trust in customer experience. Thanks to modern safety technologies and development processes, innovative applications can be programmed more quickly. Existing sensitive data and assets can be used and protected at the same time.

3. Analytics becomes ubiquitous and drives customer use forward

Analytics have evolved over the last few years from business intelligence to transaction data and big data. Real-time analyzes are widely used in 2016. By combining predictions (based on data) and a corresponding procedure, the customer experience can be optimized. The ever-increasing personalization continues in 2016: Organizations personalize services, pricing models, products and their distribution – in real-time.

Analytics applications are protected by a corresponding security application. This protects customers and their data better than ever before. New analysis techniques link behavior patterns with machine learning to distinguish real customers from fraudsters. They also offer consumers seamless transactions and thus a better buying experience.

The bottom line is that analysis is most effective when applied to specific problems. Extensive Analytics packages can process data and search for the needle in the haystack – but they do not provide the answer that companies need to meet individual challenges. Analytics will never be the answer to a question, but more and more part of the solution to everything .

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