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4K gaming games for which UHD is really worth it

Each game looks better in 4K. But for some, the difference is more in the eye than in others. We summarize the most imposing 4K titles for you.

4k gaming

Before you raise objections to this article, let’s clear the elephant out of the room: Yes, pretty much every modern game looks better in 4K than in Full HD . If you ignore text-heavy clothes like King’s Bounty , where the buttons do not scale with the higher resolution, most 3D games benefit from the higher pixel density.

But if you’ve just gotten a new gaming hardware and want to flaunt your mates, there are definitely some games that are better for it than others.

Here is the motto: By car one gets faster and faster than on foot (except in Munich morning traffic) – but there are car trips and there are Porsche driving . In order to qualify as a 4K Porsche in this article, a game with its technology or special mods must look so outstanding that we can fold down the chin on a UHD screen.

4k gaming

Currently, Full HD is by far the most common resolution on the PC. Even more distant objects are very roughly resolved at 1920×0180 pixels in games and clear edge effects can be seen at object edges.
The number of pixels in the 4K resolution compared to Full HD is four times as large, which means that even distant objects are still relatively sharp and object edges significantly smoother.
To play games with enough liquid 60 hertz in 4K, you need not only an extremely fast PC, but also the right interface. You need a graphics card with a DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 or two DVI-I dual link ports.

A little disclaimer: We do not claim to be complete, but in collaboration with our hardware editor, we present some games, which we personally regard for incredibly impressive 4K giants. If you have your own suggestions , write in the comments – we expand the article accordingly and create a wonderful world of graphics bombast.

Grass always goes: The Witcher 3

4k gaming

If you visit our hardware editors, then there is a high probability that Geralt is riding on the screen of the Witcher 3 on some test screen. The Open World Rolling Game is not without reason for our benchmark references: the panoramic views of the Northern Kingdoms not only neat hardware performance , they also look bombastic years after the release of the game.

The dense vegetation proves to be a special feast for the eyes. Countless trees, grasses and bushes bend in the wind and create breathtaking scenery. And such organic and, above all, mobile elements on the screen benefit appreciably from a higher pixel density because edge flickering is thereby drastically reduced.

If you ride with Geralt in wind ropes through the countryside, you will get the most supple player experience in 4K regardless of the texture quality. If the mates do not approve the head, then they have no idea of ​​pretty games.

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