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5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

In the previous post we brought the five games that had no hype at all, and even then they surprised us. Now is the time for them. The other side of the coin, the games that had a gigantic hype, but that turned out the disappointments of 2017 .

But let’s make something very clear here. The games on this list are NOT bad or the worst of 2017 . They are simply the ones who have most disappointed. Either by the huge hype around them, or because they fell below expectations.

Gangstar New Orleans

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

Gangstar New Orleans is certainly one of the great disappointments of 2017. The game has arrived in a very problematic way on Android, with little device compatibility. It was a real mess.

But hidden, amid the disappointment of not being able to run the game, was a below-average title. With uninteresting history, repetitive missions and lots of monetization, New Orleans is by far the weakest game in the franchise. In terms of narrative you can not even shop with Rio or even Gangstar Vegas.

The game came with a multiplayer mode that is simply a joke compared to what the players expected. For years, players expect a decent multiplayer mode for Gangstar and Gameloft comes with basic multiplayer without being real-time?

Now let’s be a little fair. There was a gigantic hype for New Orleans, with lots of people coming to compare the game with GTA V. GTA V?

Fortunately, little by little, Gameloft added more content, with more missions. However, New Orleans still continues without a good online multiplayer mode.

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Among of the Dead Ones

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

The year 2017 was certainly the year of Hype exaggerated in mobile games. And few games had as much hype in Brazil as Among of the Dead Ones. Quite compared to H1Z1 and Day Z, Among of the Dead Ones is much more modest.

It will take a long time to get up to the level of gameplay and detail of these two classics, or what the fans expected.

With open world proposal, this game neither came to be released, all we have is a simple many beta, with only two zombies to interact.

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Bullet Strike

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

Games in the same style Battle Royale (the same as PUBG) were the great news of 2017. But the explosion of these games happened only in the second half of the year. At first, a single company kept all the hype about this style of play, horus entertainment with its Bullet Strike.

Absurdly hypocritical game. The great lesson of the story here is “timing”. Horus took too long to launch Bullet Strike and when the game arrived, it arrived bugged and with many limitations.

With just 25 players, short and no maps and parachute jumping mechanics, the game was swiftly swallowed by its rivals like: Free-Fire and Rules of Survival.

It’s very sad to see Bullet Strike’s potential being wasted with excessive beta-testing that took forever. All without adding almost anything to the game. The delay was fatal, and Horus delivered a game far below the average for other titles of the genre. And the competition overtook Bullet Strike with everything.

To further complicate the situation, several Chinese producers have already brought their titles to Google Play, all translated in English and with already confirmed Portuguese versions. The mercy shot was the recent announcement that Tencent will bring the official Battlegrounds to Android next year.

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Modern Combat Versus

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

Well we wanted this not to be true, but there’s no way to say that Modern Combat Versus was not a disappointment.

The shooting game that promised to be the best of the year has arrived, as well as Gangstar New Orleans, in a problematic way. For many, the headache started at the time of downloading the game. MC Versus had little Android compatibility at launch.

It seems like it has become fashionable in Gameloft that the games go badly optimized for Android. But even for those who have not seen any problem in downloading and playing with graphics in the ultra (iOS guys). It was that little taste that something else was missing.

Modern Combat Versus has arrived with just one game mode. Very repetitive matches and the absence of squad mode, right at the beginning. It was very annoying to get into a team and see that an agent was missing from it, or some of the players simply called the fuck and did not fight.

This is very compromising the game, because in the style of MC Versus game, teamwork is essential. In addition the servers had problems for weeks, anyway. Very complicated to say that this was a game that surpassed expectations.

Modern Combat Versus is an ambitious project, linked to e-sport, with goals to be one of the highlights in the following. More and the game simply did not achieve any of this in 2017.Nem to overcome the previous title and there was no championship of MC Versus with great visibility.

There is also the impression that Gameloft completely missed the target this year, betting on the “hero shooter” genre, while the highlight of the year was clearly Battle Royale.

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Degree and Cut

5 Games for Android and iPhone that Disappointed in 2017

The game that closes ours was one of the biggest lies of 2017. But this was not the fault of the developers.

Many people took the concept of the game and made montages with first person videos of GTA V. They created a giant hype over Grau and Cut. See the comparative of what the galera expected and what was released for Android.

At its launch, Grade and Cut was a lot, but a lot, but far removed from any expectation generated. Luckily the developers struggled to bring in a bit of gameplay and the game got a better map and time missions.

It’s still a beta, but it’s a lot better than when it was released.

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And those were the biggest disappointments we had in 2017. Now tell us in the comments, what games did you download and was not that what you were expecting?

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