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Advance Wars on PC Android & iOS, Its creators do not rule it out

Intelligent Systems must come up with the right idea to work on this title.


Months ago we published a special report in which, among other forgotten sagas of Nintendo that we would like to see again in action, we made mention of the series of strategy by turns Nintendo Wars. What about your future? One of the leaders of Intelligent Systems has left the door open for Advanced Wars to be adapted even to mobile devices, in line with what is seen with the popular Fire Emblem Heroes of iOS and Android.

“It’s not that there is a 0% chance that it will happen, but we would have to think about the right idea and what would be the right concept to take Advance Wars to mobile,” says veteran Kouhei Maeda in an interview with Touch Arcade. “Of course they are things that we should think about a lot,” adds the creative who has worked on the Game Boy Advance games and also some episodes of the series Fire Emblem.

“It would encourage us and give us a lot of energy to listen to the fans saying that this is something they want,” continues Maeda. “So please keep on asking and tell us what you’d like to see.” For now, Nintendo’s next game for mobile devices is Animal Crossing, of which not much is known yet.

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