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Amazon lists up to 18 mysterious products for Nintendo Switch

These games and accessories could be unveiled in a hypothetical Nintendo Direct this month.


2017 has been a legendary year for Nintendo: not only has he signed a more than successful launch for Switch, but he has been able to accompany his first months of life with a steady pace of new games. Will 2018 run the same fate? Today, we know that those in Kyoto intend to present games such as Kirby, Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4 or Pokémon soon, although a new Amazon filtration would point to a new and succulent batch of ads that could happen very soon.

The filtration includes a list of up to 18 products for Nintendo Switch of unknown nature and whose prices are between 60 and 100 dollars. At the time of writing this news, Amazon has already withdrawn the provisional files. Presumably, many of these products are video games or combinations of games and accessories, although we will have to wait for an official confirmation to discover them. Now, considering that Octopath Traveler leaked following the same patterns as on this occasion, it could be deduced that it is rather shortly so that they are announced formally.

The most popular idea at the moment is that there would be a Nintendo Direct program -also pending to be official- on January 11, attending both to an Electronic Arts email allegedly leaked last November and to a comment published in the forum. of ResetERA, whose community had accurately predicted previous events under the NeoGAF logo.

Amazon lists up to 18 mysterious products for Nintendo Switch

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