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Android O: Last Developer Preview available

The Developer Preview 4 brings only error corrections and optimizations. Google classifies them as release candidates. This is now largely clear what changes with Android with the next version. Only the name is not fixed yet.

Google has released the most anticipated and its own plans latest last version of Android O released. Developer Preview 4 will automatically be delivered over the air in the coming days to devices already registered for the Android Betaprogramm. Owner of a Nexus 5X, 6P, Nexus Player, pixel C and pixel and pixel XL can also on the Android beta site yet for the program register .


The final of Android O is to be available in the third quarter or “during the summer”. The name of the successor of Android 7 nougat is not yet known.
According to Dave Burke , vice president of engineering at Google, the current test version is also the release candidate. With it developers are now to carry out the last tests. As a result, the Developer Preview 4 no longer brings new functions, but only error corrections and improvements. The final programming interfaces (API Level 26) were already released by Google with Developer Preview 3 . First updates for already sold smartphones and tablets on Android O are expected to be around the end of the year.

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The main innovations of Android O

One of the developer’s most important innovations of Android O is the programming language Kotlin. It is now an integral part of Android Studio 3.0. According to Google, Kotlin is completely compatible with Android Runtime and with existing program code completely interoperable. The support for Kotlin is now also suitable for productive use.

In terms of security, Google is gearing up with “PlayProtect”. However, this function is also users of the current version of Android available . In Play Protect, Google uses artificial intelligence and evaluates its data. The goal is to track apps that show an unusual behavior on the user’s device.

The main improvements of Android O

With Android O, smartphones are expected to boot much faster. For this, extensive changes were made in the Android-Runtime. Google wants to set up new devices using a new Autofill function. It suggests logging data to apps on a new device.

Copy-and-paste operations are supported by intelligent text selection. By double-clicking on a sentence, for example, the entire sentence will be selected. And a tap of an address marks it completely. In addition, Android O can recognize addresses and display suggestions for them by linking to Google Maps.

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