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Apple Watch: the next model is supposed to offer LTE and be usable without iPhone

To the next generation of Apple Watch there are new rumors. According to Bloomberg Technology, the next generation, which is already expected for September together with the new iPhone 8, will receive LTE and thus also function without connection to an iPhone.

Apple Watch

As the website The Verge reports , the next Apple Watch is to be equipped with LTE support. As a source for the plans of Apple, TheVerge again calls Bloomberg Technology , the engineering center of the TV station Bloomberg. This would make Apple’s Smartwatch much more flexible. Because so far, an iPhone connected to the clock is necessary, which provides access to the Internet for the Apple Watch to use functions assigned to online services.

In future

if the rumors are correct, Apple Watch can also use without an iPhone, if the clock is equipped with a SIM card, to which there is a valid contract or a corresponding prepaid credit.

Details about the possible plans are not yet, although the new Apple Watch is already expected in September together with the new iPhone generation. Among other things, there is speculation as to whether there will be only one model of Apple Watch that the user can optionally equip with a SIM card or whether buyers will have a choice between a model with and without the LTE option.

In addition, it might be that the Apple Watch must be synchronized with an iPhone, at least for a first set-up or certain special functions. A stumbling block can also be the recharge time.

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