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Bayonetta 2 for PC Review & Watch Gameplay

Haha, glory. This game. It’s not often I’m forced to lock the door and pull the curtains, but Platinum Games does it – with a hell of a hell of a hell of a hell.

Where ” Bayonetta ” turned the temperature to eleven, the sequel adjusts the crazy knot to twelve. Perhaps without the very big news about the previous game still sitting fresh in your fingers.

But still with the same glimpse of the eye and their unmatched impossible interpretation of the female show of Bayonetta in the wonderful violence against angels and demons.

Hysterical and embarrassing

Not one scene goes away without the developers challenging the tolerance of what should be conducive to a bunch of adult industry veterans to spend their working hours on.

Both when it comes to the production of the supereksualized, chauvinist heroine and the blasted camera operators who use all of the available technology and knowledge of the hardware to capture as many tits and bumps as possible over their heads.

The whole seansen is just as hysterically fun as it’s embarassingly touching; a tribute they manage to maintain both above and below the hood.

This is a sensual and sparkling personality that transforms what could have become a heavy-minded and cool match game for a dance of roses – a perfect crossing point between a complicated control crusher where all of the buttons and thumbs get ridden and an elegant rhythm game .

Supergrassy, even with sausage fingers

Going up to the predecessor of (non-political) frustration is worth watching the sequel.

” Bayonetta 2 ” might have become a bit more indifferent to what buttons you press and in which order. But the developers make sure that the spider cake and fireworks feel yours and appear super gazingly on the screen, regardless of how much sausage fingers you have and how uncoordinated you hammer.

That the game actually complies with this across her portfolio of insane tools, is a piece of art without the same.

If you thought guns stuck on the high heels of Bayonetta opened for interesting interpretations of the dance, try a pair of gloheite chainsaws or some sadistic whips.

Cosmetics dare you as you want, and only amplify the illusion of a deadly torture register with infinite many permutations. That the screen is constantly overloaded with amazing epilepsy effects, I still can not do anything about.

If you do not manage to separate colors and shapes in motion, or focus on isolated parts of the living, you will struggle properly.

The whole game is actually dependent on your ability to respond to tiny key movements and sounds. For example, from demonic angels who lift their axes ready to cling, or buckle their buoys for a surprising rain of arrows.

In these cases, your timing is set to the test and whether you manage to jump away or – even better – respond with a lightning fast and rude pole dance that clears the screen and assures you an A + for the performance.

A bounce between heaven and hell

You know that you’ve reached the climax when the amazing version of the Moon River explodes into the foreground, and our heroine ends the sequence of stripping down to nothing to challenge giant monsters from the underworld who abuse the relics of the villain gallery.

The game loves to grow this fetish for the theatrical, and always shows a total waiver of having some kind of “normal”.

The one staging is always bigger and more mental than the previous one – as if the developers have a bet with themselves to see how far they manage to pull your jaw before it breaks and stops.

In one moment you stand on top of fighters or a falling bell tower in duel against headless angels. In the next, it spreads out of your back as you go to the clouds to kill giant worms heading for the beast gate.

You jump between heaven and hell like a bouncing ball, with sumptuous and memorable moments of running ties.

It’s not always that the content may be influenced by the form, extravagant as the scenarios sound. But all means use as well to underpin the surprising pace that never decreases, and the feeling of inaccuracy that occurs when Platinum rejects everything old and enters new unpredictable genres.

Made to take you to bed

You’re constantly pushed to do better, whether it’s fighting technique or the visual choreography you formulate in the blooming tornado of bullets and sharp blades. Did you play the first game, you know exactly what I’m talking about – an attempt to never repeat old tricks or send the player through a dakapo of sequences.

Together with Nintendo, there is an approach to game design that is almost entirely in the industry and has managed to distill down to a reinspic science with its focus on changing environments and circumstances made to go to bed.

And who better both to conceal and to promote philosophy than a figure that fails to obey a single command without exemplifying the exhibitionist, with sensual twist of impossible proportional hips and bones.

No, I’m not talking about myself myself. I’m talking about Bayonetta – an oblique ambassador for all that’s right and wrong in the media, and the front figure in one of the funniest, smallest and best gaming experiences so far this year. Exaggerated words, I know. But the only way to justify the material, believe it or not. Besides the first game there is nothing that can prepare you for this.

NB! The game is available in two versions. One also contains the first “Bayonetta” for Wii U.

PressFire has purchased a copy of “Bayonetta 2” to report, after its launch on October 24th. Therefore, we were not ready with a judgment before now.


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