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Bungie presents the changes it will make in the coming months to Destiny 2

They promise important updates in January, February and throughout the spring and autumn of the current year 2018.

Bungie presents the changes it will make in the coming months to Destiny 2

In the framework of all the news that Bungie is carrying out to adjust the contents of Destiny 2 to be “fairer” in terms of the experience system and the rewards of his shooter.

The game has presented its roadmap for January, February, the spring of 2018 and autumn, with a host of important changes that promise to respond to many of the fans’ wishes about the sequel and its current status.

Update of January 30

Armor Masterpiece

  • We are expanding the Masterpieces system to include armor.
  • Masterpiece armor provides greater damage reduction while you are using your super.
  • In the Masterpiece armor, you can change the type of armor statistic and, as with the Masterpiece weapons, you can convert a piece of armor into Masterpiece by using Masterpiece Nuclei and Legend Fragments.

Reformulation of the raid reward

  • We are updating the rewards of the raid to make them more special and interesting. Now they will include modifiers with specific advantages of the raid and we are adjusting the rewards to make sure that you obtain an object of the raid after each important encounter. The raid merchant will also directly sell armors and weapons from the Leviathan and the Devourer in exchange for raid tokens and Legend fragments.
  • We are also adding a new Spectrum with specific advantages of the raid that is possible to obtain in the final encounters of the Leviathan and the Devourer. We intend to recreate more rewards for the raid and other unique activities in the future.

February Update

  • Assault score and high score record
    The assault score reaches Sunset and will replace the current mechanics of the time limit. The score is similar to the Destiny 1 system, but with adjustments to emphasize the competitive execution of the objectives of the assaults and support for score modifiers that can be selected by the players. In February, the high scores of Sunset will be shown inside the game with new emblems and unlock rewards. In addition, we have plans in which we are working for high scores of clans and the community.
  • Modifiers 2.0
    We are already working on a complete reformulation of armors and weapons modifiers. This will focus on reducing redundant modifiers, generating more unique topics, and significantly increasing their impact on your power. We are anticipating a launch in February, but the scope of the reformulation could make some parts or the entire launch move in early spring. Consequently, we will be evaluating how modifiers influence the economy of light engrams, because we are sensitive to cases of “pay to win”.
  • Rapid Game Improvements
    We are adjusting the rules of game modes to increase the pace of the game and the acquisition of destructive ammunition in fast play.
  • Chat in the Tower for PC
    We are adding chat via text in the Tower for the PC version of the game.
  • Reduction of exceptional repetition
    This will prevent players from receiving the same exceptional object twice in a row. It is still possible for you to receive duplicates, but not consecutively.
  • Members of the squadron on the map of the destination
    At last you will be able to see the other members of your squadron on your map of the destination. You will no longer have to ask the members of your squad where they went when they make a quick trip to another landing zone.

To consult the rest of the novelties planned for spring and autumn, you only have to consult the Development Release published by Bungie herself.

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