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Star Wars Multiplayer: Pandemic’s Battlefront 2 Back Up

How about knowing the backstage of the dev of The Witcher? Check it out on video

Just before Electronic Arts and DICE started Beta testing of their Star Wars: Battlefront 2 , a previous version of the game again had a functional multiplayer. With GOG’s help,  Pandemic’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 had its servers reconnected thanks to the permission of Disney, the current rights holder of the series. “Star Wars fans, celebrate!” …

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Platformines Download for PC & Android and Review


In “Platformines” you try to escape from the inside of the earth by working through a network of mines, robbers with machine guns and hovering monsters. The excursion starts in your headquarters in the center of the maze, extending into latitudes the game has absolutely no reason to stretch. Whether …

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Trials Fusion Download for PC & Android and Review

Trials Fusion

There is never any doubt after you have started “Trials Fusion”, signed engine enthusiasts from the deep Finnish forests. Now we are going back to the future. « Welcome to the future. Man … machine … the future », sounds out of the speakers. The design in the opening and the menus is cool …

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MLB 14: The Show Download for PC & Android and Review

MLB 14: The Show

It’s a rich culture, it’s the United States in a nutshell. The cardboard out in the garden with the white little ball in hand, like a smile around the mouth, hurts to the poodle as hard as the unpopular big receiver glove. Baseball is “Americas Favorite Pastime”, a sport most people …

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Child of Light Download for PC & Android and Review

Child of Light

With the “Child of Light”, Canadian creator Patrick Plourde undoubtedly discovers nostalgia’s childhood and his own vulnerable emotional register. It feels personal and abounds with pink feelings clad in plush – in a good way. Both “Final Fantasy” and Ghibli Studios have been mentioned as lighthouses when it comes to inspirational …

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Hitman GO Download for PC & Android and Review

Hitman GO

To be such a iconic game figure, with such a long history, it is sensational that Agent 47 has not spread to more genres and more platforms before now. Developers in IO Interactive clearly have managed to stand up to the pressure – virtually all ” Hitman ” games have been core …

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