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Caution, flight ban! German air traffic control gives away official drones app

Drones for home use are becoming increasingly popular. Even so popular that the Federal Ministry of Transport had only recently issued a new air traffic regulations. Now it is clear where the drone should be allowed to rise and where not. A free app of the German air traffic control provides for clarification.

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Where can I let my drone fly?

The new drones regulation, which came into effect in April, is supposed to ensure more safety10 € discount on Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 in the air. However, because hardly anyone wants to rummage through long guidelines and legal texts, the German air traffic control has now released the free app ” DFS-DrohnenApp “, with which everyone can quickly find out where to fly the drone and where you can be better Should be left.
So the app, which is available for Android as well as for iOS , promises to indicate for each location in Germany, which rules are to be observed there. The app also wants to provide information on areas and facilities that are not allowed to be flown over or restricted (e.g airports, hospitals, prisons, industrial and energy sources or nature reserves).

Once registered, the DFS app displays your current location on a Google Maps and makes neat instructions about the rules to be observed there. Zones where you are not allowed to get a drone at all will be highlighted in red. A logbook integrated into the app also holds all flights already completed.
Alternatively, the free web app Airmap can be used to plan drone flights directly at the computerDiscover the latest bargains at Saturn! .

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