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Crazy price for RX Vega: That can not be true!

The price of AMD’s high-end graphics card RX Vega should be extremely high and exceed the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. If this is the case, the performance and consumption values ​​that have been achieved so far must be wrong, otherwise AMD would have a serious problem. Just before Vega’s release, more and more questions are coming up.

RX Vega Price: The Gamer card is supposed to be so expensive

Performance at the level of the GTX 1080, power consumption,Find the best price! similar to the giant Titan Xp and a price that lies above the much faster GTX 1080 Ti: If all rumors are true of AMD’s next high-end gaming graphics card, then AMD has a problem. A very big problem even. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Swedish dealer circles are told that the presumed price is wrong.
The bone of contention is the from the Swedish websiteWordpress: Step by step to the first website Nordic Hardware mentioned 7,000 Swedish kronor (SEK). This is how much RX Vega in Sweden before tax costs. Transmitted in euros and charged 19 percent VAT then you land at least 850 euros. Since even well-heeled enthusiasts have to swallow, because so much does not even cost the GTX 1080 Ti, which is listed in Germany from 750 euros .
RX-Vega performance on GTX-1080 level? RX Vega is directly recognizable as an AMD reference graphics card.
RX Vega is directly recognizable as an AMD reference graphics card.
The performance figures hitherto achieved do not fit into this price structure at all. As Videocardz has learned, the RX Vega in the 3DMark FireStrike is to be slightly slower than a MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X. The latter currently costs around 600 euros . The 1080 Ti is 30 percent faster in this test, which is largely in line with the results from the tests of the Vega Frontier Edition. At the same time, the Vega Frontier Edition (the prosumer version) draws a lot of electricity.Find the best price! from the socket and has a power consumption of over 250 watts.

rx vega
Questionable marketing

The PR department of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group ignites all sorts of smoke candles and creates more irritations among the fans through rather questionable marketing campaigns instead of the expectations with clearer statements and selected figures like in the run-up to the Ryzen launches. Confusion is not a good hype, because AMD runs the risk of more than promising. These peculiar actions include blind tests in which a Vega graphics card (not shown) competed against an unspecified Nvidia competitor, and the viewers were told what system seemed to them to be more fluid.

RX Vega blind tests are disappointing

AMD did not even want to tell us what GeForce needed to do. As if that were not enough, Tweets , who announced that AMD was going to show the “impossible” at the upcoming Siggraph conference (maybe it’s threadripper, see video above). And in all the discussions about a wonder driver for RX Vega, which fans expect 30 percent more power for Vega, AMD is spreading a tweet that promises a “GREAT day for Radeon software”. What came was a new Crimson version with certainly practical features, which, however, contained nothing miraculous.
Of course, overpriced expectations are a problem of the haggle fans, but AMD fires this fire, just hope that at least the price and / or the performance of RX Vega will make all the rumors through the bill. Otherwise, the faithful fans will be disappointed.

Release of the RX Vega

AMD wants to present RX Vega at the graphic show Siggraph, which starts July 30th and is held in Los Angeles. Then these rumors and the announcements of announcements come to an end and AMD has to put the cards – in the Wortsinne – on the table.

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