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The creator of Final Fantasy would like to work on consoles again

Hironobu Sakaguchi, legend of Japanese development, focuses his efforts on mobile phones.

The creator of Final Fantasy would like to work on consoles again

Forbes magazine has sat down with the legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi , creator of some of the main episodes of the Final Fantasy franchise . In his talk with the author, they have reviewed some details about his career with Mistwalker, the company that founded the artist after his departure from Square at the beginning of the last decade, and has reviewed some of the main challenges when facing projects in currently far from the media focus of the consoles or the PC.

“The budgets of some games are one of the most recent problems in the console: there are studies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on each production,” he recalled, “at Mistwalker, which is a small studio, we could not compete directly with those Expenses, and aspiring to raise their profits would be impossible, but on mobile devices there is a clear place for our budgetary aspect. “Does that mean you do not want to make big games like Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey again?

Sakaguchi explained that “I would like to develop console games again at some point. In fact, we are working on Terra Battle 3 right now and maybe taking it to console is an appropriate decision. The fact of developing on mobile devices at this time does not mean that we have left the consoles completely. After all … Nintendo Switch is a very good piece of hardware. “Will we be able to see your talent in a console soon?

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