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Dead Effect 2 Offline For Android & iOS

Dead Effect 2 Offline For Android & iOS

As promised by Badfly, the shooting game Dead Effect 2 again turned an offline game on Android . With the update coming this week, players can complete the main campaign of the game without having to connect to the internet.

See the message from the producer about the update:

Dead Effect 2 is now playable online and OFFLINE too! 
Download the game and do not miss a chance to get a massive upgrade in early 2018! 
The application currently requires your permission to access your photos (media, files) and contacts and to manage your phone calls due to our temporary work in the game’s OFFLINE update. We would like to ensure that they will not be used in any way and will stop displaying in a few weeks. 
Well, it’s okay. In addition to being one of the best mobile shooter games of all time, Dead Effect 2 will still receive a lot of content in 2018. Content that expands the story of the game. As we posted in a previous post, it will take a littletrickso your save is not lost. But this trick is only necessary for those who have been playing the game. For those who will start playing, you do not have to do anything.

Download Link on Android (Free)

Advertising | Game OFFLINE 
Contains purchases built-in: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 or higher 
Language: English | Size: 876 MB

Also available for iPhone and iPad.

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