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Destiny 2 PC Game Review & Gameplay

It is now a week since we published our first impression of Destiny 2. Then we could communicate a mixed impression, but regardless of whether it was positive or negative, we were clear that much in Destiny 2 was recognized by its predecessor. With a good deal of hours behind us and a massive jump in Power-level, it is clear that Destiny 2 is a much more complete game than the first. It promises good for the future.

Hollywood Destiny

That developer Bungie has done a better job with Destiny 2’s story goes up for one as soon as the game begins. A giant ship invades the Earth and the warden’s base The Tower, but with the aim of slave the creature known as The Traveler; a huge ball hanging like Christmas tree lights over the earth’s last city.

With the superchurch Ghaul at the helm, the attackers from The Red Legion take the guards on the bed. As a single guard without the Travelers light power, together with new and old friends, one has to find back to the power and the light, and together Ghaul drives away from The Tower.

The game begins with a bang.

That the story in Destiny 2 is easier to follow is a good thing, but it does not matter much when remembering how strange and incoherent it was in its predecessor. At the same time, the game loses some of its mysterious charm, and I miss new races or unresolved puzzles in the story’s mission. That one already has a previous game to remember is a good thing, because in addition to having more replicas and chopped more depth, characters such as Ikora and Cayde-6 end up being more than just rock vision. It nevertheless bother me that all figures are worth more than shops with stories to tell.

Boring missions

What makes the main story better this time is that Bungie offers more characters with better replies, as well as a larger number of movie sequences and a blunt story. As such, Destiny 2 gets what is required of a “main story”. What is disappointing, however, is that they do not go any further. Because even if I’d rather complete the missions in Destiny 2, it’s the same mechanics that govern. Run and jump through a wide, hold the square button to your Ghost helper to say a few words and protect it from enemies. Variations of this also exist, but for the most part it is the rule that goes.

Ghaul is a completely echoed villain.

At the same time, the story is less exciting by meeting the same type of enemies as before. You’re going to kill hundreds of Fallen Vandals, Servers and Cabal Legionaries. It’s not so strange if you think Destiny 2 feels strange like yourself, because a whole bunch of what you experienced a few years ago is almost cut and glued into the new game. Because of this, it was very rare that I costed me in the 5-10 hours it took to complete the main story, because I spent a lot of time irritating me that I did not experience anything new.

Not over until it’s over

Extremely good for Destiny 2’s part, therefore, the game – like its predecessor – is far from over when the scrolling texts finally crawl up the screen. It will almost be right to say that it is now the adventure begins. In reaching Level 20, it’s time to increase your Power level, which indicates how strong your character actually is. You will be given new weapons, new milestones to achieve, types of assignments and other challenges to take part in.

It is at all strange how much better Destiny 2 will be when the story is over. The addictive feeling takes over when you get cooler and better weapons and other equipment, and aspired to always acquire the best thing is something Destiny does better than most.

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