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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, A Revolutionary Fighting Game in the Final Fantasy Universe

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A few days remain for the premiere of Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT on PlayStation 4 and few hours for the start of its open beta. The videogame invites players to compete for teams of three against other users of the world. However, the work of Square Enix and Team Ninja hides much more: we speak of a title capable of uniting, technically and playable, 30 years of history and characters like no other installment of the series. Why do we talk about a revolutionary fighting game in the Final Fantasy universe?

issidia, born in PSP as a fighting spin-off of the Final Fantasy franchise in 2008, added a second installment and a plot of its own that mixed the heroes and villains of Square Enix’s most famous series in an authentic battle of a dream. The third part was made to wait but ended up arriving at the Japanese arcades at the end of 2016 with great success. What has been your secret? Among other things, give free rein to fanservice desires of the fans and provide an encounter that seemed impossible between some of the protagonists of the most relevant episodes of the legendary Japanese role-playing series. In short: an authentic Civil War Final Fantasy.

Beyond the historical implications of a battle like the present for users who are already followers of the brand, it is true that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT , as a fighting game and product able to take advantage of all the technical benefits of PlayStation 4, supposes a revolutionary delivery within the Final Fantasy universe. Protagonists like Cecil or Terra had never been seen as in the new Team Ninja gam , and that serves a new generation of players to learn past chapters and the origins of one of the most important and capital franchises of the Japanese role. Those who already knew the adventures of episodes like Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy VI are also in luck: the reunion with the new Kain or Kefka will also justify the BETA of Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Team cooperative fight

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The journalist Steve Hendershot, drew some interesting statements to the current boss of the Street Fighter brand, Yoshinori Ono, in his brand new book Undisputed Street Fighter. It seems that Capcom gave his mythical fight franchise buried before even considering the creation of a hypothetical Street Fighter IV. The reason? In Osaka it was thought that in the genre “everything had already been done”, and that they would not be able to improve anything that had been done in the past. Although reason was not lacking, without being Dissidia a 100% original title, are proposals like Square Enix and Team Ninja which make us see that there is still a long way in the field of cakes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4

Hazama was in love with the Spanish cuisine, and explained to us with astonishment how bread with tomato could result in something so delicious when combined with a little oil and garlic. Using the culinary simile, Hazama himself explained in our talk that if the lovers of the fight consumed Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as a traditional fighting game “they will find it strange. If they enjoy it as a party battle they will live it as something completely new, “he guaranteed. The possibility of competing for teams of three, mixing the positions and tools of each type of villain and protagonist will give a new dimension to the software itself in its premiere at our borders

Does the struggle fit into a perspective like that of Dissidia NT? Of course! The two previous installments of the series on PSP or proposals like the Budokai Tenkaichi show us that, indeed, anything goes when it comes to distributing justice. Do not forget creations such as the legendary Hudson Psychic Force in the mid-nineties or developments like the arcade Gundam franchise in Japanese recreational, which are a real phenomenon in the East.

All the best recreational views

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Presented at the JAEPO, the main Japanese recreational fair in February 2015, Dissidia: Final Fantasy arrived in the classrooms in November of the same year. 13 months apart that has allowed Square Enix and Team Ninja to add a huge amount of new elements that PlayStation 4 players can enjoy on January 30th . Scenarios, invocations and different game mechanics, but the most important of the novelties included, without a doubt, are the new fighters: among those that include the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, or one of the most beloved debutants of Final Fantasy X, Jecht.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4

Keep in mind that the recreational of Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT was played with a pad attached to the machine, hence you will not have to search or buy any extra driver to emulate the original control of the game on your console. Like all fight conversion, it has also taken advantage of all the changes that have been made in the recreational software in recent months, guaranteeing a product that, from the beginning, will be prepared to compete with other fighters. Hayashi assured us that Cloud was one of the most powerful characters on the campus, will he still be in the coming months?

Nothing to fear about the PlayStation 4 version: Dissidia: Final Fantasy was made with the technical specifications of the Sony machine in mind, so that PlayStation users can enjoy a copy of what Japanese players enjoy.

Campaign: crossover story mod

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Crystals, deities and memories. A new conflict between gods will force heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy franchise into a dream battle. With regard to the previous deliveries, the protagonists keep their memory intact, and as explained by their producer in his day, the objective is not to give free rein to a conflict of good and bad: the objective is to find the reason why the Gods Materia and Spiritus have summoned the fighters in a new battle that promises to bring more than one surprise among the users. The campaign was something that, although it was present in a testimonial way in the recreational, it will be exploited in the domestic conversion.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4

Will the fight fit into a Final Fantasy story? The new players will not know, but those who faced the two original deliveries of PSP already know that the drastic change playable will not be a problem. “Final Fantasy is a very versatile and varied franchise,” Hayashi recalled, “it’s a combination of game, cinematic, great and very intricate stories with beloved characters and excellent musical compositions. One of the successes of the brand is in the fights, and if you analyze it, what we have done is not something so different from the franchise: we have set the focus to one of the success factors of Final Fantasy to exploit and develop something that , in itself, we really like the brand. “

Of course, we can expect new interactions between the different characters of the most important episodes of the Final Fantasy franchise, which will delight fans of the legendary J-RPG brand. Some of the protagonists have never looked so good, and their new appearance will allow us to give a new dimension to our beloved heroes and villains.

30 years of Final Fantasy in the same game

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The appearance of the characters , as we said in superior lines, will be one of the main attractions of the game, but beyond combining them, the question is how to combine designs as different as Final Fantasy IX , Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy IV . Hazama told us that “it is very complicated to match the styles, but the merit has been from the development team, which has been able to combine such different designs. I’m sure that Dissidia NT will enchant the most stalwart players and fans of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX: they will recognize their characters, movements and abilities, rescuing sensations from the past to their commanders “.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4

Few are the fighters who have missed the party of Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT , and the celebration has not remained in the numbered deliveries. In order to encompass all the characters in this playable tribute, Square Enix and Team Ninja have given entry to two unexpected contenders: Ace and Ramza Beoulve . The first comes from Final Fantasy Type-0, the PSP video game released, later, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC; the second is one of the protagonists of the legendary Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the most unknown and cult titles of the entire franchise.

It seems that this video game will not be the last production to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy , and from Square Enix we are invited to wait for news for the closing of the celebration for the coming months. For now, do not hesitate to make a hole in your agenda and shelf: Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT is willing to be one of the great surprises of the first half of 2018.

Try the open beta of Final Fantasy NT now!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Do you want to try out on your PlayStation 4 the technical and playable revolution that is Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT for the story of Final Fantasy? You’re lucky! Do not hesitate to download the open beta of the game on your console (PSN Store) starting Friday, January 12th. You can enjoy the test until next Sunday, January 21st. The only condition to enjoy the video game in advance is to be a member of PlayStation Plus. Do not hesitate to take advantage of some of the most powerful heroes and villains and build a fearsome team before the premiere of the game on January 30th.
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