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Edmund McMillen takes up the development of Mew-Genics

It is the work of the creator of The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy.

Edmund McMillen takes up the development of Mew-Genics

It was announced in 2013, shortly after Super Meat Boy reached success, but shortly after the author of The Binding of Isaac stopped the development of Mew-Genics with the promise to return to work on this curious and enigmatic video game. Said and done. Edmund McMillen , who is currently working on The Legend of Bum-bo , has announced that he takes up the development of this project although he warns that he will start over from scratch and, therefore, it will be a while until we hear from him.

“It’s being rebuilt from scratch, so do not expect to see anything for a year or two … Well, who am I cheating, I’m sure I’ll start showing images of a beta as I move forward,” said the creative , who has joined forces with Tyler Glaiel to shape this video game.

“Mew-Genics has always been an extravagant dream and probably the game I’m most asked about these days,” continues McMillen. The important thing, adds the creative, is that the project “is alive!” At the moment they are working on a “prototype” in which they are trying “some things and if all goes well to 99%, I am sure that this little monster will become once again my great obsession”.

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