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The End is Nigh has a Significant Sale Discount on Steam

The Binding of Isaac is also available for $ 11 MXN

The End is Nigh

For all the fans of the independent scene there is excellent news because they are still very good time to acquire in Steam 3 of the most representative titles of the movement and at a great price: The End is NighThe Binding of Isaac and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

This weekend Steam and Edmund McMillen presented an interesting offer which will allow players to get 3 basic titles of the independent scene. From the beginning we have The End is Nigh, a title where we will control an amorphous creature named Ash in his search for a friend in a destroyed and desolate world, which is available for $ 74.99 MXN.

On the other hand, the preferred platform of PC included in the offer to The Binding os Isaac in its original version: role-playing game inspired by a biblical passage where we control Isaac during his adventure against his fears and horrible and deranged enemies . You can buy this title for $ 11.20 MXN.

Finally, we have the revision of the previous title, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which includes all the content of the original game, new work of art in the pixels, a new soundtrack, more levels and enemies, extending the offer of its first delivery. This revision may reach your Steam library by paying $ 100.49 MXN.

The offer of Edmund McMillen titles on Steam will be available until tomorrow at noon. At the time of writing this note, 20 hours and 21 minutes remain.

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