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The Evil Within for PC Review & Watch Gameplay

” The Evil Within ” follows in the footsteps of surival horror games as ” Resident Evil 4 ” .

Yes, you get buckets with blood and goats too, but that’s not what makes the game as good as it is.

Instead, the game shows why the genre is so interesting and how you experience horror and grief comes from the root of the game and the relationship you establish to the game mechanics and circumstances.

More than just blood and gut

The settlement could as well have been taken straight from “Resident Evil 4”. Not down to the smallest detail, maybe. But it follows the same homeless cavalade of magnificent adventures.

Do you remember how you went from a rustic European village, to medieval castles and suburbs – before you ended up in a clean war zone with military helicopters and dumbbells with machine guns? The same development of tone and content can be found here.

In other words, the introductory hours differ drastically from the last stretch of games you are going through. We talk about everything from asylum, subway stations and villages to abstract and bodily scenarios where reality fuses with fiction.

The whole course makes the feeling of being a thrilling and colorful adventure with more on the heart than just blood and gut, as the cover suggests.

It’s just this span of content I’ve fallen in love with. That the game really struggles to loosen the flash it has in the eye with its total lack of self-esteem is a big part of the charm. Especially in a game that tries to defend all of its morbid symbolism through a story about everything and nothing, and an action adventure at the bottom with an affixed ghost image.

Multi-headed troll

“The Evil Within” works because you are always working against the elements. If you wonder how sadistic developers are, you can only check your pockets for ammunition.

You may find three or four additional cartridges, in addition to what you loaded your weapon. And when the enemies arrive in large waterfalls and easily swallow a magazine in the body before they go down, you are above an interesting issue, logistically clean.

That’s why the areas you’re going through throughout the game, all the morbid challenges, appear like little jigsaw puzzles. How do you get from A to B in the most effective way? How do you make use of as few balls as possible? Developers are notorious about what they let you live on and the small margins you need to correct.

They give you tools and ammunition, but never enough to make you feel comfortable or ready for battle.

You will have access to legendary means, but never enough for the curse to not be punished. Bombs always make dritvondt. And when you finally get a sign of effective head shot, enemies appear with multiple heads.

Sankthansbål for zombier

If ” Alien Isolation ” was specializing in tucking you down to the pin-bench during its run, the philosophy of the studio behind “The Evil Within” is that they will always stumble into your wheels. They are certainly not afraid to let you down with life just to learn a homework.

And believe me, this game is full of homework you will never learn – from how best to save your funds, to restraint, restraint and the importance of good planning.

Everything has its place in the game. You feel the guns you fire on your body. You only have a handful of them, so it’s relatively obvious which weapons are working for those situations, whether you need to keep big hordes at a distance, or will pick a little selectively while sneaking around in front of a heavy eruption.

Nevertheless, there is always a smarter way to go.

Instead of throwing away all of your shotgun cartridges on the three baddies that are bouncing against you, how about using the revolver to trap one of them by shooting them in the leg and using his body as a sankthan fire for the other two.

It’s easy to underestimate how easily flammable parts of your environment are and how valuable they are spelling your matches can actually be in the right context.

Losing face

Frogs start like a little gimmick, but evolve into becoming a vital part of your vocabulary as you enter into dialogue with the outside world. In addition, some developers are benefiting from playing on your nerves, as they make it so ambiguous whether the fresh bodies you produce will be lying or will continue your quest for you later. You’re never quite sure.

If they are left headless or as a ash hill, the matter is usually straightforward.

But as these monstrosities can be found in the dark with only a third of their faces intact, it is always tempting to wrap a match or two – just to be completely condemned that they will not be cheated on you later.

Here the feeling of mastering comes in. The moments may not appear on a regular basis, but as you realize how flexible you stand with your tools and manage to exploit the gaming system at the bottom for all it’s worth, even having a full revolver after the game is incredibly satisfying.

Again, this aspect separates this genre from more traditional gambling games such as “Alien Isolation”, where developers increasingly want steel control over what you think and feel.

When you get panic or anxiety in “The Evil Within”, it’s because you realize how inadequate your funds are and constantly get to the body where obedient developers are oppressing your challenges.

Every bullet, every ax and every glass bottle you’ll find is a supervising tool to make use of and you’re really indoctrinated and conditioned to get you into the game from top to bottom. In fact, to such an extent that you get a completely different approach to the game after you finish your first round, and embark on new, quarreling difficulty levels. It worked in “Resident Evil 4”, and it works for exactly the same reason.

NB! “The Evil Within” is released to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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