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Exile Battle Royale is available on Google Play For Android

Exile Battle Royale is available on Google Play For Android

Exile: Battle Royale is another upcoming Battlegrounds style game in the West. The game is already available in Google Play Brazil and has as a highlight to be quite light. Running even on mobile phones with 1GB of RAM . The game is a great alternative to a Free Fire , which is also light but supports only 30 players online.

The game follows the pattern of the most played style of the moment, the Battle Royale. In this game style, players are thrown on a map and need to duel each other until only one player or one team remains. To increase the challenge, a poison mist will shorten the size of the map from time to time.

The game is exactly the same as it had been released in China, and came here for 505. The game has about 189 MB of data to download. It’s a lightweight game in size and graphics.

Like its competitors, Exile is still in beta testing. So take it easy on the comments. The game is yes, simpler than other titles like Rules of Survival and Survivor Royale. But this is due to the focus of Shenzhen Moyi (505 is just the publisher). The focus is the user who has modest cell phone or who is looking for a game that does not make his smartphone toast while playing.

Exile still contains some bugs, mostly syncing. But as the game is still in beta testing, you need to give developers a discount.

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The game is still very weak and has much to improve to reach the level of competitors like Rules of Survival. But maybe, Exiles will not get that far. Because the focus is on who can not run heavier games, the developer could work on optimization to make the game as light as its next-door competitor, Free Fire.

Link to Download APK

Download Link on Android (Free)

Advertising: Yes | ONLINE Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 
Language: English | Size: 189 MB

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