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We Filtered The Possible Overwatch’s Christmas Skins

The winter event will arrive shortly

We Filtered The Possible Overwatch's Christmas Skins

There is nothing that excites the Overwatch players more than the themed events. In the same way as last year, Blizzard Entertainment is expected to launch the Winter Paradise event, which will add several skins. Well, it seems that one of these articles was already filtered.

According to a post on Reddit, Genji will have a new winter skin that has some bright elements like ice; It reminds us of Pharaoh’s Christmas skin. According to the OatmealismyFox user, the image comes from the Overwatch Korea team and is intended to promote the event. Remember that something similar happened with the Halloween event when the same Blizzard leaked some skins by mistake.

For now, there is only a low-resolution image that does not allow us to see the new appearance of Genji. Also keep in mind that it could be a false image, so it would be best to contain the emotion until an official announcement by Blizzard.

Anyway, it does not take long to get to know the new Overwatch event. Last year, Winter Paradise began on December 13; Taking this point as a reference, we will surely get more information next week. It is also possible that he returns Mei: Operation Snowball !, a 6v6 modality where everyone plays like the beloved / hated Mei.

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