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The first Clash Royale world champion is Mexican

Sergio Ramos beat MusicMaster in the 2017 Crown Championship finals

The first Clash Royale world champion is Mexican

This weekend was held Crown Championship 2017, Clash Royale world tournament . As expected, the event brought together the best players in the world of this title, which is gaining more ground in esports . To the surprise of many, Sergio Ramos, a Mexican player, took the crown, for which he was recognized as the first world champion of Clash Royale .

The tournament counted with the participation of 16 players in its final stretch. Along with Ramos, Adrián Piedra, another Mexican player, also stands out. The 2017 Crown Championship finals were held between Ramos and MusicMaster, representative of the United States.

The participation of the Mexican was more than outstanding, because in almost every moment he had an advantage over his rival, who showed great skills in their previous meetings. In the end, the confrontations ended with a 3-1 score in favor of Sergio Ramos, who won the championship and $ 150,000 USD as prize.

So, Ramos not only became the first SuperCell world champion, but he also won one of the most important prize pools for an esports event. From his Twitter account, the player shared some images of his award.

The first Clash Royale world champion is Mexican

In order to participate in Crown Championship 2017, Ramos also had to qualify through his victory in Gamergy Masters. On the other hand, in the world championship, he had to face and beat some of the best Clash Royale players , such as Tali, x-bow Master and Electrify.

So, with this great achievement, Ramos is shaping up to be the favorite for the next SuperCell game tournaments. Of course, there is a great expectation to see how the Mexican player will defend his new title. Ramos is not the only Mexican player to be crowned this weekend, as MkLeo was the champion in a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament  .

In related news, SuperCell titles have more than 100 million players a day. The company seeks to increase its presence in the industry, for which reason it invested $ 2.9 million in a Finnish study .

On the other hand, Chief Pat, one of the best Clash Royale players , revealed that he has invested more than $ 12,000 USD in the mobile game.

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