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For Honor – Dedicated servers coming up, four new classes announced

Ubisoft’s Action Game For Honor finally gets dedicated servers. In addition, new content such as maps and fighter classes were announced.

Dedicated servers – but when?For Honor - Dedicated servers

The action game uses a rarely used connection method, which uses neither dedicated servers, nor classic Peer2Peer with a player host. All players are equal in the network and send and receive information in the same way.

So now you are switching to classic servers on which the games are centrally hosted. According to Ubisoft, especially the 4vs4 mode caused connection problems, as well as the players no longer with host migration and NAT problems annoy.

When is it now? In fact, there is no date yet, as this is the step of completely rewriting the netcode of the game – with two patches and turning on a server is not done. Ubisoft therefore does not want to name a date and states that the regions will be moved step by step to dedicated servers.


Gameplay Changes

For Honor - Dedicated serversThe major, overarching goal in the balance changes is to strengthen the attack and weaken the defense. For the big goal there is also a big problem: the balance between duel and 4vs4 maintained. Because what works in the one game mode can lead to unfair situations in the other game mode after a few balance changes.

They are trying to make the defense weaker in two ways: In case of blocked attacks, 18% of the actual damage is still going to be passed, and a player who is struggling after too many parried attacks with an empty endurance track will be heavier.

New content

In the season 3, which starts in August, two new fighters and two new maps are to be unveiled. In addition, there will be equipment at the new legendary level and a duel tournament format is introduced.

With Season 4, which is scheduled to start in November, there are also two new maps and heroes. In addition, you want to revise the tutorial for beginners and provide advanced players with training opportunities. A new 4vs4 mode is also introduced.

Perhaps running with dedicated servers is a little more stable. For Honor is available since February 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


So now: The unusual Peer2Peer network of For Honor is exchanged against conventional dedicated servers. This is what Ubisoft shares with the official website together with a series of other announcements . The road map is below the image format.

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