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Game of Thrones Fourth episode of the seventh season leak

The fourth episode of the seventh season of the Game of Thrones, scheduled for the weekend, is on the Internet. However, the hackers who made headlines this week are not responsible for this. Instead there was obviously a security leak at a sales partner of HBO.

game of thrones season 7 episode 4

On the weekend, the fourth episode of the current seventh season of the US series Game of Thrones was supposed to be premiere on US television. Now the episode of unknowns has been leaked on the Internet. Firstly the illegal download is on the Google Drive service – the file is no longer available. The Engadget team has checked the Leak and confirmed that the fourth episode of the seventh season is actually in circulation. Series fans is threatening in the coming days a particularly increased spoiler-risk.

The Leak obviously does not result from the big hack attack , which concerned the TV network HBO earlier this week. The thieves have stolen data on Game of Thrones as well as other episodes of other series, documents, pictures and even sensitive information from the employees – but they have stayed with the release so far.


As reported by The Verge, the source for the Leak of the 4th episode is Star India – one of the distribution partners of HBO. The company has confirmed the obvious security leaks already against the editorial team of The Verge. A thorough examination has already been initiated, it is said. Already at the beginning of the then fifth season were in the beginning a total of four episodes of Game of Thrones on the Internet leaked. HBO has not yet commented on the incident. You can find more news about Game of Thrones on our theme page.

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