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GTA Online: New enemy mode Power Mad is here!

Fresh challenge for team-capable “GTA Online” gamers: Rockstar Games brings the “Power Mad” mode into the game!

new challenge awaits you on the streets of Los Santos. Rockstar Games introduces the “Power Mad” opponent mode. In this case, the so-called “Juggernaut” power-up has to be under the nail. In teams of two to four players, you are doing everything you can to ensure this. Do this for yourself, turn into a heavily armored combat machine.

GTA Online

With this you pursue only one goal: the absolute destruction. You must put your environment in debris until a display is completely filled, and you will bag a point.

GTA Online: The paradise of the lawless

If you can not do this, you will lose the Juggernaut power-up and another player will have the opportunity to play. To give you additional motivation, In the new game mode to try, Rockstar Games in this until July 31, 2017 double GTA dollars and experience points out.

Do you feel more like a hot tire? No problem: With the Pegassi Torero, Legendary Motorsport has a new sports car waiting for you to be driven over the asphalt.

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