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Hades’ Star For PC, Windows, Android & Mac Free Download; GamePlay & Review

Hades' Star For PC, Windows, Android & Mac Free Download; GamePlay & Review

Hades’ Star is basically a space strategy game. Launched by parallel space Inc, the game is still one of the best strategy games because of its organization and game mode. Do not be fooled by the visual, game invests in resource management and alliances to deliver an addictive online experience.

How is the game Hades’ Star?

Hades’ Star does not seem to have 3d graphics, but the animations and graphics of the game fit very well in the cell phone of those who do not want to toast the battery of your device. The songs of the game are few but excellent.

In Hades’ Star, the player will discover new places of stars, new planets to conquer, destroy, colonize them, and of course, destroy who appear in front of you. It is also possible to do the whole strategic part of a society that lives in space. You can from putting mining ships to collecting ores, transport ships to going to planets already conquered to unload supplies, fighting on an unknown planet is also part of the routine.

Freedom is such that it is not strange to discover planets already conquered by other players. The player will have to use his battleship to expel that force from that planet.

A plus point is the detailing in the descriptions of equipment and characters. These descriptions are usually cohesive when they explain about a mining ship, for example. So the player can feel this kind of organization in the game.

The enemies in the game may be other players or characters controlled by the game. It is possible to make alliances to combat a fleet controlled by the game and to divide the loot with other players. Thus, In the game, the player may be able to make agreements with other players of the game so that his colonial system is protected and not to be attacked unjustly.


Hades’ Star is a great strategic game for those who like the genre. He has an active community and was very well received, with an average rating above 4.6 / 5. The interaction with other systems is an important point in the game since it would be very difficult from a time to continue evolving alone. In the game, there is a system without a type of “clan” or “guild”. but in itself, one of the very positive aspects of the game is its organization. The story is the typical fight for the survival of humans vs. aliens. Even so, Hades’ Star can be more than a good casual experience for the player.

Download Link on iPhone and iPad

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Developer: Parallel Space Inc 
Advertisement: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 280 MB

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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