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How to play MAME ROMs on Mac & PC


Are you one of those who miss the recreational rooms? Would you like to be able to play titles such as Tumble Pop, Bomberman, 1942, Ghosts n ‘Goblins, Golden Ax, Metal Slug, OutRun or Super Pang among many others? If so, this will interest you, as the following lines explain how to play Mame ROMs on any recent Mac .

The more and the less he remembers with nostalgia his days at the controls of the joysticks of the recreational of the halls or of any neighborhood bar. Many spend hours and hours enjoying those games and keep very good memories.


In addition, from the settings of the application for Mac it is possible to configure the game controllers for each of the platforms, either through a keyboard or some command connected to the computer via cable or bluetooth . Without a doubt a very useful feature to be able to enjoy to the maximum of the classics of recreational using some type of control or joystick and that the experience is more faithful to the one that you have in your memories.


Once the download is complete, unzip the file on your Mac by double clicking on the icon and install the emulator by dragging the icon to the Applications folder .

How to run and configure OpenEmu to play MAME on Mac

Once the emulator is installed on the Mac, the next step is to execute it and perform the first configuration . The steps are very easy, but for there to be no doubt in the following lines we explain how it is done.

1.- Access the Applications folder and double click on the OpenEmu icon to run the software. It may indicate that it does not come from an identified developer, if so, you will need to do this before you can continue .

2.- Once executed the software welcomes you. In this first screen you must click on Next.

3.- Now you will install the system cores, that is, the platforms that the software can emulate. Select all that interest you, in this case, MAME , but you can select others if you want (later you can install more from the preferences of the program). Once selected, click Next.

4.- The configuration is already ready, click on Continue and OpenEmu is ready for you to load the ROMs you want.

5.- To load a MAME ROM you only have to drag the files to the OpenEmu window (you can drag compressed files) from any folder of your computer having selected the Arcade console in the window of the emulator as you can see in the following image.

As you see the process to have OpenEmu ready on any Mac, iMac, MacBook or Mac Pro is really simple and in a matter of few clicks you will have it working .

We recommend that you review the software settings from the OpenEmu – Preferences menu , since from there you can configure the keyboard or command to your taste and make other adjustments that might be useful.

What do you think about the possibility of returning to play MAME games on computer with macOS? We hope this guide will help you and tell us what your favorite titles are.

How to download OpenEmu Experimental with the core of MAME

Currently the standard version of OpenEmu does not include the core of MAME (although the other platforms mentioned above). That is why in order to run MAME games on Mac you have to resort to the experimental version of the emulator.

This is not a problem since the only thing you have to do is access here and start downloading the version that bears the experimental name as you can see in the image that accompanies these lines.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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