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Kamiya says it takes “a complete change” for Devil May Cry 5

The prestigious Japanese creative believes that Capcom should follow the God of War model.

Kamiya says it takes "a complete change" for Devil May Cry 5

For many the model of the God of War saga ran out with God of War Ascension , and from there Sony Santa Monica changed the model of the game to something that will result in the new installment of the series that opens this year under the short name of God of War.

Hideki Kamiya , a very authoritative voice not only for being one of the most prestigious creative Japanese but also for having directed the first installment of Devil May Cry , has talked about how Capcom should focus a hypothetical fifth episode.

“I’m just presenting some ideas here, okay? But I think it’s time for the Devil May Cry saga to undergo a playable design review,” Kamiya said on Twitter. “Taking a look at the current trends and the incredible graphics of the recent games of the Japanese company, I think the next game in the series could work better with a complete model change like the new God of War .”

“Instead of being an anime-style hack-and-slash, maybe Capcom could turn Devil May Cry 5 into a realistic, cinematic action game.

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