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Knack 2 PC Game Review & Gameplay

Knack was one of the games released with PlayStation 4 in 2013, and unfortunately fell in the same trap as many other launch games have done before and after.

It was not necessarily a single thing that was rubbish wrong with the gaming experience – instead, Knack was characterized by many, minor annoyances that appeared steadily during the game.

I probably enjoyed the original game a little bit better than our reviewer , but still not enough to be left with a really positive overall impression. Knack was just 10-12 hours with full eelreite, but also a bit boring action and platform moment.

The gang is back, but apart from Knack, the figures are not so much to shout hurray.

When a follow-up was announced last year, there were many, including the undersigned, who clenched their heads: “Who has actually asked for this?”. I have still not found the answer to that question, but after exploring Knack 2 for well over ten hours, I know at least that Sony has done a significantly better job this time. Yes, believe it or not: Knack 2 is actually a pretty good game.

Knack is the best

But how is this really? Practically practical, it is still about the same gaming experience as before: One is once again taken as the science experiment Knack, a magic creature consisting of a number of smaller, geometric blocks.

As long as he gets access to new blocks, he can make himself bigger and bigger, but also shrink to his smallest edition with a simple touch of a button. Here’s how to switch between being a huge battleship and a small, funky guy who can solve puzzles and sneak in behind enemy lines. And of course, these powers come in handy when the nasty tusses once again make baluba for humanity in this remarkable fantasy universe.

Together with Lucas, the newcomer, Ava, and a few other human beings, everyone tries to stop the interiors from eradicating civilization as they know it. It’s quite a common story (despite some interesting phrases in the last act), and I notice that I do not really care anything. This was also the case for the original game, and it is probably here that you most notice that the Knack series is coined for the younger guard.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it means at the same time that script, dialog and figures are of the rather simple and slightly forgetful variety. Only the title character, Knack, has something that awakens a proper reaction to me – in his smallest form, he is sweet and reluctant, while the biggest releases of Knack are daring, boring and similar. It’s almost up to the mascot level, but it will probably only be “almost” – Knack has unfortunately not the little extra that lets him reach the rest of Sony’s glorious figure gallery .

Well, now neither the story nor the figures was among the predecessor’s strongest pages either. More than anything else, the plot was a kind of tool that allowed developers to showcase a number of unique areas across the game universe, and that’s still the case.

Big parts of the action in Knack 2 therefore involve wildfire searching for magic cities and ancient treasures that can stop the intersections, and in many ways it may remind you a bit about Uncharted for the younger guard.

Simple but enjoyable puzzles.

The game uses many of the same moments as Naughty Dog, including long, action-packed sequences; moments where you run away from something creepy, straight to the camera; periodically between each enemy assembly; quick replies; easy-to-understand puzzles; and a huge amount of secluded taxes.

And it does not look so bad either. However, Knack 2 is a much more cartoon-like style than the Uncharted games, and looks quite different, but it’s still a pretty nice game. This applies primarily to the environment, which is really in focus here – the figures (except Knack) are a bit different, and I’m never quite sure what to think of the Pixar-like people. It’s something that does not work for me.

However, regardless of the journey, the globe-raising hills range from tropical forests and ice-cold mountains, to ancient medieval towns and hectic metropolitan areas. Wherever you go, you’ll still find something new and unique to look at or interact with, and Knack 2 never seems to be boring in the same way as the predecessor.

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