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Large-scale virus attack in Ukraine: declassified the main purpose of intruders

The large-scale cyber attack , to which Ukraine was subjected, was not the last for the country and was planned to destabilize the situation.

This was reported on his Facebook page by an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, People’s Deputy from the Popular Front Anton Gerashchenko.

“Today at 11:00 am a massive cyber attack was launched against our country using a modified version of the virus” wannacry “-” cryptolocker. “The letter containing the virus came in most cases by mail.For several days and even weeks before today’s Today it can be said that the attack was prepared for at least a month, “Gerashchenko said.

He clarified that letters to Ukrainians came in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian, and the mailing of letters was masked by intruders for business correspondence, which “out of curiosity was discovered by inexperienced users.”

Ukraine virus attack
“The program code of the virus included the launch date of June 27 at 11:00 AM Cyberattack, which has as its ultimate goal an attempt to destabilize the situation in the economy and public consciousness of Ukraine, was disguised as an attempt to extort money from computer owners,” the Interior Ministry adviser added.

According to him, the virus encrypts all the data on the hard drive, after which it requires a ransom.

“The purpose of this training cyberattack, most likely timed to the Constitution Day of Ukraine, is the offices of banks, the editorial offices of the media, communication facilities, transport, telecommunications, energy,” the People’s Deputy specified.

He acknowledged that the attack caused significant harm to Ukraine, but not catastrophic.

“I think that in a few days the work of computer networks will be fully restored, for every known fact of infection with a computer virus, criminal production will be started … It is clear that the cybercriminals who launched this cyber attack are outside Ukraine, but sooner or later their identities will be established And they will be prohibited from leaving Russia, “wrote Gerashchenko.

In his opinion, “today’s cyberattack, the largest in the history of Ukraine, is not the last, there will be others.”

“Since the war in cyberspace, spreading fear and horror among millions of personal computer users and causing direct material damage due to destabilization of business and government agencies, is part of the overall strategy of the hybrid war of the Russian Empire against Ukraine.” The same part as the terrorist attack organized by Today the Russian special services in relation to Colonel GRU Maxim Shapoval, “- said the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

As reported by the “Observer”, the hacker attack stopped the work of payment terminals in the “Kiev Metro” and led to massive disruptions in Ukrainian trading networks, energy companies, media, banks, postal services.

In addition, the virus, allegedly called Petya.A, hit ATMs .

In the SBU, they hinted where the ears of a large cyberattack stick out .

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