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Learn a language in 3 weeks? We have tried our app!

Learn Turkish in a week? In an hour Learn Romanian? In the past, we had to get rid of pretty crazy projects as soon as we started learning a foreign language. Whether it is Turkish , French or Romanian , our language experts at Babbel are always faced with the most unusual tasks in order to find out who is the best speaker in a very short time. The results can be seen every time. Our fast, linguistic learners already master three, four, five or – literally – nine different languages. It is quite simply their self-declared goal to control as many languages ​​as possible.

But what does that mean for the rest of us? Us normal mortals? How much progress can we really expect as an average language learners in the first few weeks?

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In November, an independent study conducted by some of the University of New York (CUNY) and University of South Carolina researchers tested the efficiency of our Spanish courses. The learning progress of 391 randomly selected learners was examined by testing and comparing their Spanish before and after using the app. Babbel has proved to be the most effective method of language learning in all popular language learning programs.

What exactly did the study reveal? After a total of 15 hours of learning spread over a period of two months, students who had no prior knowledge of Spanish had the same level of knowledge thanks to Babbel, who had a semester of Spanish for beginners at a university. Not bad, right? And actually … quite strong.

We were so impressed by the fact that we wanted to check the results of the studies for their correctness. So we quickly asked eight of our diligent staff to study Spanish for three weeks with Babbel. All were beginners with little or no prior knowledge and hardly available time.

Sure, some of us have improved after three weeks and others are worse off. It was impressive that we were able to conduct a conversation in Spanish after only three weeks. So let’s take a closer look at the results of the study and compare them with our own experiences.


Study result # 1:

“Real beginners with no knowledge of Spanish on average need a learning period of 15 hours spread over two months to reach the knowledge of a semester-long university course.”

What we mean by this:

Our own subjects were definitely complete beginners. Although we did not look at the curriculum of a Spanish semester, it was clear to all of us that we have made astounding progress in a short time. The vocabulary has clearly grown beyond Quiero burrito . Muy bien we find that.


Study result # 2:

“The average study time during the study was about 19 hours, so a little more than two hours a week.”

What we mean by this:

In fact, our Babbelonians have learned an average of two to three hours a week of Spanish, which may not seem much, but we are all full-time. As you can see in the video, this time has paid well, and it is already sufficient that we can formulate some first sentences in Spanish after a short time.


Study result # 3:

“The Babbel language-learning app works equally for all people – regardless of sex, age, mother tongue, education, employment relationship, etc.”

What we mean by this:

Yes, we agree fully! Our voluntary testers have all been comparatively completed, irrespective of gender, the number of languages ​​already learned or the mother tongue, and regardless of their previous educational path. Our only thing in common (apart from the desire to order the beloved tapas in Spanish) is that we all work at Babbel.

Learning a language always follows the desire to speak a language . With the support and guidance of Babbel, we are able to conduct a simple conversation in a foreign language within a very short time. Apart from the fact that we have really enjoyed exploring our own app in terms of science, we were able to speak and understand Spanish with Babbel after three weeks. That is, we find, the shortest way to arrive genuinely in the language.

Speak a new language after three weeks.

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