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The Legend of Korra for PC Review & Watch Gameplay

Just to make it clear: I have no previous knowledge of the “Avatar” universe as “Legend of Korra”, in the form of the TV series on Nickelodeon or earlier releases on console .

To me this is a game among many others, and is assessed on exactly the same premises.

I also have another permission to come with: In this part of the introduction I doubt so much whether or not the current game is in order to entice the reader in the text.

I will not do this time.

No matter how much you “moonwalker” around the porridge, it’s hard to get beyond the fact that “Legend of Korra” is the worst of the worst. Even though I have desperately spiced the review with pissing knausgard middle titles, I would still like to emphasize that it’s really all you need to know.

But by all means read on.


This is a downloadable game based on an animated TV series known from Nickelodeon children’s channel. «Legend of Korra» is certainly a spin-off of the TV series «Avatar: The Last Airbender», and builds on the same idea of indoctrinated kids with extraordinary capabilities to manipulate the four elements of water, wind, soil and fire.

Even though the series is produced in the United States, it is immediately apparent that the style is derived from Japanese cartoon culture, complete with loud “oneliners”, high-weaving as well as fighting and hybrid pets (dog and polar bear in this regard).

The history of history is exclusively related to film sequences between the strokes, but never lasts for more than a few seconds, as well as recognizing the widespread concentration difficulties of today’s young hopeful.

On the other hand, I am almost grateful that this lack of ambition also helped to shorten the total playing time, without in any way falling into the game’s favor.

Clearly, it has been attempted to imitate the cartoon style of the TV series, without giving the game any other benefits than looking a little better than other downloadable releases. Nor does it mean that the opponents behave like Stephen Hawking (if he was deprived of the wheelchair and the intellect), where they care around the environment without purpose and meaning.


“Legend of Korra” is probably based on the assumption that the person who plays it has managed to go through the overall story on its own. Perhaps due to tactical arrogance, perhaps due to the sheer lace of laziness, but the result is anyway the same:

The essence of the game is to unleash three buttons of cramping, taking you as you move through static scenes, colliding with invisible walls and gradually descending into the darkness of psychology while thinking that Bukowski might be right.

It’s a keen and fragmented “beat’em’up” with clear distinctions between dead time and “action”, devoid of personality and creativity. It’s also a great example of what happens when a developer hugs an experimentally large game into the downloadable game’s simple framework, and believes the solution is to simplify in every aspect.

By collecting glowing spheres along the way, for example, systematically crushing pots and boxes in the surroundings, you can work up currency.

The currency is used to buy a few attack combinations (squares squares four times instead of three), or extra health and the like – nothing necessary to complete the game.

In other words, it is a system for the sake of the system, only existing by selling the illusion of something bigger. Ironically, it only helps to highlight the uninspired discouragement that underpins the entire experience.

Something else reminds me of a quote I read, from a guy I really do not know much about (George Saunders):

– Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up.

Possibly: Irony is your best friend and your worst enemy. Thank you, Nickelodeon.


Assert Won

But I can not finish the review without mentioning the match system, although I’m probably already full of mailboxes about what the game’s target audience is. Since this is a “beat’em’up” where you are transported from one fight to the other without explanation, much of the responsibility rests on the game mechanic fighting piece.

And what can you say? Korra’s repertoire consists of a handful of moves that you have to repeat to the boring without having control over which direction they are given.

The rigid animations make every confrontation a single big anti-climax, even though it has made room for some context-related finishers.

Whether you use fire, water, wind or soil, you have no form of freedom of movement in the battle, since each attack animation locks Korra to the ground. One might argue that it is suggested to vary the use of items based on the type of enemy, but it will be to assign the gaming experience a strategic dimension that does not deserve.

The fact is that you are going to switch between the elements to dull the monotony and the lack of flow, regardless of whether it is necessary or not.

As mentioned initially, and to conclude this nonsense, the assessment of the present entertainment product: “Legend of Korra” is a scratch unparalleled. Or rather, a flip flop in the same way, if the splash is of the very worst.

I honestly do not think it’s a trick if you’re squeezed on the TV screen when the series has a broadcast – this is not a game that does not make any game media or source material any services whatsoever, so it’s best for all parties just enough to hold you away.

Are you still sitting on the fence, or are you just malnourished? Download “Subway Surfers” to your smartphone. Hours of free fun.

NB! The game has been launched for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (tested), PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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