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Lifeless Planet Download for PC & Android and Review

“Lifeless Planet” has some amazing horizons to showcase. Who knew that the assembly of desolate landscapes and left civilization could call as many emotions as they do here.

Look at the screens. A left cottage on the edge of a dense, immersive crater. A desolate and urban neighborhood left on the surface of a foreign planet.

Unless otherwise, they sell a wonderful mood report and put a wonderful scene into a game that unfortunately never has the confidence to let these interactive images speak for themselves.

Missing a game at the bottom

Because the environments in the “Lifeless Planet” may irritate your emotional register and discoverer in your life, the rest of your experience could not be more dismissive.

The problem is a bit the same as in the newest “Alice” game , where the surroundings hinter to gripping contrasts without really giving any satisfactory redemption before you rush to the next milestone.

First, the journey is far too long for the story being told.

Second, Stage 2 makes an overly bad job of joining the scenes and giving some impression of geography or time. Often the environment and circumstances change brutally without warning. And while there is no doubt that the developer had good ideas for visual concepts, it lacks a game at the bottom that makes the journey interesting on a more mechanical level.

Lonely astronaut

Had this been a pure hiking trail through a deserted dying planet that took a little cautiousness and showed seclusion, there had been one thing.

I had an interactive museum tour like ” Proteus ” or ” Cairo “.

But the journey ispes instead of boring, formal game tasks that never show enough muscle or brain to defend the pursuit you are through.

I want to see more of the interesting horizons and the immersive environment the developer constantly flirts with. Not the underside of all the cliffs I’m bumping into as I argue for a successful landing with the rocket engine I have on my back.

By the way, it’s what you do in the “Lifeless Planet” as a lonely astronaut attacks oxygen and against – jumps from platforms and traverses empty distances, to reveal a science fiction mystery through disconnected notes and diaries.

If you’re lucky, you’ll carry some batteries to and from aggregates, press on and off buttons or direct a mechanical grip that never really finds a home in the game.

Looking for diaries

This is by the way a good example of how not to use notes and diaries as tools in play.

That they color a story that never bites into any interesting themes or conclusions is secondary. But that they always seem misplaced and randomly distributed on the planet’s surface, give the impression that the environments never really substantiate the story.

In the “Lifeless Planet” something has been extensive and catastrophic, but it is quite difficult to figure out from the surroundings alone.

The whole game is as well composed of lots of interesting items that are never very well-framed, like ancient culture and technology. The settlement even starts with the cold war where the race to the room is over, and the battle for supremacy now is about colonization.

These are puzzling anchor points, the game never makes anything interesting, and almost reflects on the chasing after the next Post-It patch from the former colonists on the planet.


I judge the “Lifeless Planet” hard – because I wish Stage 2 had a little more self-esteem, and managed to spin an interesting game around all of its visual ideas. Instead, they are embellished on top of an experience that spreads far too meaningless tasks along their landscape, as if that is what it needs to capture and keep your attention.

Just that’s an incredibly boring paradox – that I really have all the prerequisites for engaging in the planet I’ve crashed on, but never allowed because the story on top insists on guiding me with daring game mechanics.

Many of the single communities here make more interesting questions and wake up more emotions than other games do during the whole of their course. It would have been nice if Stage 2 agreed and let them be the driving forces behind the discovery on their own.

Lifeless Planet Download

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