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Mod of GTA 5 brings space war against aliens For PC Windows

GTA 5 goes to space in the newest mod created by fans. Called “Grand Theft Space,” this modification allows for interplanetary trips with a space shuttle, exploring places like the moon and even clashing with aliens, appearing in diverse locales. As it is a work in progress, the change is not yet available to the public but will be released by its creator, “Sollaholla”, free on the Internet, only the computer version of the Rockstar game.

Mod of GTA 5 brings space war against aliens

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The novelty was revealed by the creator and development team in a fan forum on mods for GTA 5. According to the developers, the launch will bring four complete missions, new planets outside the solar system we know and combat against aliens and other hostile beings, As well as landing on several available worlds – among other features.

There is no confirmed release date yet, but the idea is for this modification to work almost completely as a whole game within GTA 5, separate from the main story. There is even a plot prepared by the production team that involves human exploration space.

A first trailer was revealed, containing narrative and cinematic soundtrack, with some scenes of “GTA Space”.

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