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Modder Revives Old 2000’s Game From Nintendo Mega Collection

Modder Revives Old 2000's Game From Nintendo Mega Collection

Many should remember that the early 2000s were marked by a ton of new games to better exploit the now-surpassed Flash platform. This includes nothing less than Nintendo, which has brought a good number of games to promote titles like Donkey Kong 64, Metroid Prime and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Unfortunately, they all just disappeared over time, but a project wants to bring them back.

Available on Origami64 site, the initiative was created by a modeller known as Skelux, and features a series of Flash games released by Nintendo between 1999 and 2010, whose data had been preserved and “unearthed” by him over the years. You can check several of them in operation in the video below, which presents the project; it is worth noting, incidentally, that many of the games are incomplete, and several still have only basic interfaces and very little programming:

As you might expect, Skelux still has plans to restore all of these titles and is even offering rewards to those who bring content to complete the games. There is still a long way to go, as nearly half of them are still incomplete, but at least the functional titles are pretty interesting – even if that means having to re-use Flash on your computer.

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