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Need For Speed Payback Gets Average Score & Mixed Reviews

Need For Speed Payback Gets Average Score & Mixed Reviews

Although it has not yet been released to the public,  Need for Speed Payback has already been made available well in advance for international vehicles. We at Voxel have recently received it and the analysis is already in progress. But what are the gringos thinking about the game? To show the reception of the game so far, we’ve put together this compilation.

Apparently, the situation is not very good for the title, which has been receiving mixed notes, with some well below expectations. On Xbox One, the average score is 63 on Metacritic, while the PS4 version is a bit higher at 70. Overall, the scores have been low and some vehicles like Gamespot and IGN have given less than 6 for the game. Check it:

Among the negatives, there are many quotes from the grinding system, which requires the player to raise the car level to get into the most difficult missions, lack of a good narrative, a poor upgrades system, lack of speed sensation and a well-forgotten open world. As strengths, there is arcade gameplay and variety of quests throughout the campaign.

Need for Speed Payback promised to be the return that the franchise was needing, but that may have gone downhill. Of course, the opinion that counts is always that of the player, but the current scenario does not have enough praise for the game. The game is scheduled to arrive this Friday, November 10, to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Our analysis is already in progress.

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