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New mobile games Kalimba

Kalimba” is already known by the large consoles. Now the puzzle platformer also convinces on smartphones. A monkey and the pikmins, however, make for fair competition, and the zombie hunting becomes mobile.

Tricky puzzles and animal challenges in strange universes must be mastered in the new mobile games. But also old acquaintances from drawing films make for powerful vortexes.

In Kalimba the island of the same name was shrouded in darkness by an evil shaman. To bring the light back, two totems must make a long journey. Their goal: to find and put together the widely dispersed parts of the light-filled totem plague.

«Kalimba» by Flashbulb ApS is a puzzle platformer with a trick: players control two, sometimes four totems at the same time through the levels. At first, the two are still separate, and you do not have to do much more than make sure that no one falls into a hole. Soon it will be more complicated. The totems must work together, stack themselves to cross high walls, or exchange places, so as not to run in deadly mucus.

There are many puzzles to solve, which become increasingly clever and complex. If the player achieves a level without errors, there are special rewards for that. ” Kalimba “, there are 4.49 euros in Apple’s Appstore.


This is one of those games that are controlled with just one touch and still offer a challenge. In “Swing King and the Temple of Bling”, the player controls a small monkey, swinging through small, static levels. He always flies straight and back again when he encounters an obstacle. Its direction can only be changed if it passes by special blocks and the player presses on the display. He then orbits the block until the player releases and releases him in another direction.

At the beginning it is only a matter of finding a solution to bring the monkeys over the many blocks into the goal. Later, it becomes harder if traps and obstacles are added as well, or coins have to be collected to unlock further levels. “Swing King and The Temple of Bling” by Shedworks Digital is available free of charge for iOS .

In the online Survival Shooter for the PC «DayZ», players not only oppose hordes of zombies, but also other, usually hostile-minded players. The game comes with «Mini DayZ» a mobile offshoot in pocket format. The postapocalyptic zombie world was transformed into retro pixel graphics. From the bird’s-eye view, you control your little hero, search the environment for weapons and supplies, and always have to defend against zombie hordes.

This is not easy. On the one hand, «Mini DayZ» is a difficult game with sometimes tricky control. And if you die, everything starts from the beginning. Unfortunately, no online game with other zombie hunters is possible in the mobile version, which makes the “DayZ” appeal. But also “Mini DayZ” by Bohemia Interactive is a challenging game, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS .

Fry, Leela and the grim robot Bender are the stars of the fictitious series Futurama from the pen of Simpsons inventor Matt Groening. From the developer TinyCo there is now a new game to the set series. “Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow” ( Android and iOS ) fans of the series feel right at home, because dialogues and history come from the original author team.

This is also expressed in many funny ideas and loving details. The goal is to free New York from the hypnotic radiation of the hypnocrats that paralyze the city. To do this, many mini-tasks have to be fulfilled, by which further figures and parts of the city are released. Occasionally these tasks lead to space missions in the style of old roll games. Unfortunately annoying in-app purchases disturb the liquid play pleasure.

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