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New PC games: Space Odyssey and Iron Wings

New PC games: Space Odyssey and Iron Wings: From the hustle and bustle of the journey through strange constellations to air battles in propeller ships, to nimble flitters on the kitchen table, there is neat knot and action for players who like to escape in the shadow of the playroom.

Summer, sun, fun: The new PC games captivate you despite the nice weather to the computer. Space ships are navigated through space, battles beaten and races are driven.

– «The Long Journey Home»

Entertaining space action with real physics. Game forging Daedalic Entertainment wants to show with “The Long Journey Home” that it can not only produce Adventures à la «Deponia». Instead, there is sophisticated space action. With his spaceship acting according to real space physics, players have to cross half of the universe on their way home after a drive failure. Just slow down to stop? Not in this title. The gravity of the bodies of the heavens and the inertia of the spacecraft influence navigation.

With one of three space vehicles plus various additional modules for more stability or reach, If the board crew is selected from up to ten characters, you are quickly thrown into the game. After the tutorial, you can look for help in “The Long Journey Home” in vain. On his long journey home the protagonists also meet on sometimes more, sometimes less friendly aliens. Fuel, spare parts and provisions must be found or handled. The procedurally generated level design is different at each start, but always extremely difficult. Cost: around 32 Euros at Steam.

– «Iron Wings»

There are a few arcade shooter «Iron Wings». Players slip into the role of the two protagonists Jack and Amelia. They fight on the battlefields of the Second World War against the German Luftwaffe and the minions of General Adler. The control of the aircraft is relatively simple and designed for action, but the game is not detrimental. Interesting: Players can control one of the characters directly, the other gets commands at the click of a mouse, while it goes on land and in the air through the USA, Poland, Italy and Germany.

Graphically «Iron Wings» is pretty, but can not keep up with current 3D-bouncers. However, the game offers entertaining action for lukewarm summer summers. About Steam, there are “Iron Wings” for PC for the price of about 20 euros.

Space Odyssey and Iron Wings

– «Micro Machines World Series»

Hurricanes on the kitchen table: A new series of the popular Arcade racing series has appeared with «Micro Machines World Series». Once again, the kitchen, the garden and the garage become the venue for entertaining racing duels. Up to twelve different racing cars are available – each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, the popular upgrades like the Nerf guns are back with the game. According to developers, some tracks are also based on the boards of developer Hasbro. Among them are classics such as Hippoflipp (Hungry Hippos) or Ouija.

As a complement to the classic game modes and elimination, «Micro Machines World Series» will also include some online battle modes for up to twelve players. A team deathmatch mode is also included. There are about 15 battle arenas available. All versions cost about 30 euros. The family-friendly frenzy has no age restriction.

– «Sundered»

(Release date)

With “Sundered”, a new action adventure is waiting for the players’ favour. The title can be a good chance, its makers, Thunder Lotus Games, have created the rather successful «Jotun». Also in the latest prank is the best 2D-style, before lovingly drawn backgrounds, again around crisp puzzles and action full final bouts. The players slip into the role of Eshe, a single fighter and hiker who is fleeing from a long-forgotten threat. The top priority for the player always is the mental health of the protagonist. “Sundered” has also committed itself to the current, procedural level design. Say each level is different, no fight like the previous one. «Sundered» will be released via Steam on July 28th.

– «Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood»

“Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood” is a great addition to the main game “Final Fantasy 14”. Many innovations are on board. Among other things, a higher level upper limit, more than eight new areas, new skills such as swimming and diving, a larger inventory and an improved combat system. As warriors of light, it is necessary to protect Eorzea from the evil Prime. To play «Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood», the main game is needed. The expansion costs for the PC about 35 euros, for five euros more, there is the Complete Edition with the main game.

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