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Platinum Games is committed to creating its own Creative Licenses

Atsushi Inaba values the commitment to originality as one of the keys to its success.

Platinum Games is committed to creating its own Creative Licenses
Bayonetta 3 is one of the new games in which Platinum Games works.

Months ago the Platinum Games team announced that it would publish its own video games to gain creative freedom and, in that line, one of the founders of the studio and key figure in the success of the company, Atsushi Inaba, has emphasized that its goal is also to create own creative licenses.

“One of the things that Platinum is focused on is that we are looking to create our own creative licenses, create our own video games,” said the Japanese creative in an interesting interview with Game Informer. “Until now, we have obviously created original licenses for a wide variety of publishers, we have also worked with Hollywood licenses for other companies, but we are increasingly interested in the idea of self-publishing and creating our own titles,” Inaba continues.

Asked why it is what makes Platinum video games special, the producer of Bayonetta 2 emphasizes that originality is one of the keys to success. “Most of our games have smooth user interfaces, you can control the action without much stress, the combos that you run, combine with each other in the right way and make sense,” he continues; “But if I had to indicate one thing that is common in all our games, what makes Platinum Games unique, I would say that every time we come up with a design idea, an idea to create a game, it’s always based on something original, something new”.

Inaba says that they do not copy what others are doing nor are they based on market trends. “We are building from scratch something new that people probably have not seen before.”

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