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PlayStation Promises to Continue Releasing Video Games that “Move Us”

From the Japanese division of games of Sony it is assured: “we will never leave you alone”.

PlayStation Promises to Continue Releasing Video Games that "Move Us"

An emotional message has been delivered by Atsushi Morita, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia, as part of the PlayStation Awards and in which he has referred to the video game policies they have in the PlayStation brand.

“Entertainment has evolved over time, this from video games started in the world of text and then we started to have static drawings, then the movement was adopted and it ended up becoming something more and more interactive”, explained the executive. “Video games continue to evolve and absorb the best of all types of entertainment along with the advancement of their own technology.” Today, video games are the most advanced form of entertainment.

“We will continue working to bring a PlayStation to each home, with our vision of PlayStation for everyone we will continue to dedicate to offer all possible games that offer you tremendous fun and that move you,” said Morita. “We will never leave you alone.”

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