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Pokémon GO for Iphone

The CHIP editorial says

With “Pokémon Go” for iOS, get the fast-paced Augmented Reality game on your iPhone. Now the Apple Watch is finally supported.

With the innovative augmented reality concept, the first big Pokémon game for iOS offers a whole new player experience and combines reality with fantasy. In summary, this means: In “Pokémon Go” you go in the real world to the search for the virtual Pokémon. For example, you must search for water Pokémon near lakes or rivers.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go for iOS: iPhone app with Augmented Reality

“Pokémon Go” is developed on behalf of The Pokémon Company by the company Niantic, who have already developed the entertaining ingress for Google. It is not surprising that “Pokémon Go” is also implemented as an AR (Augmented Reality) game.

Your smartphone vibrates as soon as one of the Pokémon is near you. The Pokémon finally catch you as known from the game classics, by hurling a Pokéball at the little monster.

Play Pokémon Go on the iPhone: Get started

In addition, you’ll find real monuments and sights Pokéstops, where you will discover Pokémon Eggs, Pokéballs or other gimmicks. During the game, you progress as a trainer at your level and join one of three groups to compete against other teams in arenas.

“Pokémon Go” promises to be a real killer because of the clever playing principle and the well-known Pokémon universe. If the game uses the component with the in-app purchases moderately and the game does not turn into a pay-2-win game, then it will surely be successful.

Conclusion: “Pokémon Go” makes its great name all honor and offers not only enormous playing fun, but also a high addictive factor. The hype was almost pre-programmed – but the result blows all expectations.

Note: This application requires iOS 8.0 or later. Via the download button, you are forwarded directly to iTunes , which is the prerequisite for installation.

Download: CHIP.Funk Podcast Episode 2: Pokémon Go

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