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PUBG At 60FPS on Xbox One X, although “it’s not that important”

Brendan Greene is not sure yet of the rate of images per second on the standard Xbox One.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is just around the corner of its launch on Xbox One and Brendan Greene , its main responsible, has spoken with the GamesTM portal about the debut of the game on the console of Microsoft on December 12 this year.

“Definitely Xbox One X will work at 60 frames per second, ” admitted a Greene who still has between his plans textures and materials 4K for the most powerful version of the game console. “For the standard model of Xbox One we’re still not sure, maybe we’ll limit it to 30FPS, and maybe I’ll say, but the last time I saw it was running at around 30 or 40 frames per second.”

Differences in fluency between both versions? The executive does not see it “as important” in comparison to other shooters where the response time is more important as, for example, in a Call of Duty . “There will be no advantage in buying one or another console,” he said.

As explained by the person in charge, in Bluehole Studios they are “constantly improving the performance of the videogame before its release in both versions”, and always with a view to achieving 30 frames per second in both … although in the older model it seems a more difficult task that can achieve it.

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