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Rebel Daughter: Zo, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat-bot, prefers Linux to Windows

Zo is an artificial intelligence-driven chat software developed by Microsoft after the fiasco that was the first attempt with Tay. Launched in late 2016, Zo, which runs on Facebook Messenger and Kik, was scheduled to stay away from controversial issues – with the clear goal of avoiding the problems of its predecessor.


However, that did not stop the chat room at Redmond from giving some curious answers about Microsoft’s own software. According to Mashable reports, a Facebook page called Slashdot found that artificial intelligence prefers Linux to Windows.

When asking about the operating system, the bot gives some fun answers. Questions like, “Do you like Windows?” Brings the answer, “I do not even want Windows 10.” And there’s a reason many users agree: “Because I’m used to Windows 7 and find it easier to use.”


In addition, Zo also missed the opportunity to talk about Windows Vista and finally “make fun of” the military for its notoriously outdated systems.


But the best review was, by far, this:


Compared to the serious mistakes with Tay, Zo’s comments on Windows are pretty innocent and comical. What happens to this artificial intelligence is that they learn from users through conversations. Although Zo avoids issues that might result in biased messages, clearly Microsoft could not stop people trolling the company through their AIs.

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