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Redout: Lightspeed Edition: Its creators call Digital Foundry incompetent

The 34BigThings study is considering filing a lawsuit against the technical analysis group.

Redout: Lightspeed Edition: Its creators call Digital Foundry incompetent

One of the most respected video game technical analysis teams is, without a doubt, Digital Foundry, and that is why their works are taken as absolute truths. A recent report on Redout: Lightspeed Edition in its Xbox One X version showed harsh criticism about its adaptation to the Microsoft console by blaming it on, among other things, a supposed 1080p resolution that has finally been denied by both parties. Of course, the response of the 34BigThings study was not long in coming.

“We woke up in the middle of a shit storm based on what we call an incompetent technical analysis if we are good. although they could be called false news if we were not so much”, explains Valerio Di Donato, CEO of the study, in words collected by the WccfTech portal. “Digital Foundry may have been a reliable source of technical information in the past, but it seems that now they’re just looking for easy clicks.” What they have published about Redout about a 1080p resolution is, quite simply, a lie.

Redout: Lightspeed Edition: Its creators call Digital Foundry incompetent

“What we have done with the game is to scale the resolution between 90 and 50% with respect to its native 4K, which means that it goes from 3456×1944 to 1920×1080.There will be more technical details on this in the coming days, but as long as you let us overtake something: It does not go to 1080p “, the executive wanted to make clear. “There are problems with the frame-rate that we are working on, but to say that it runs at 1080p is literally false.” This, coupled with the fact that people are hyper-sensitive to the differences between Xbox One and PS4, has provoked a shower of comments. negative based on information that is not correct. “

“At the moment we are considering putting a lawsuit to defend our public image, not only because we do not like to be called lazy or incompetent for free, but also because we want to send a message to the industry. especially the indies, and you have to stop disrespecting them. “

The vehement communication has not been slow to receive a response from the Digital Foundry itself, which apologizes for the original text and recognizes the error that has caused the whole situation. “The first thing we want to do is apologize for the reactions that our article has provoked, and we have already updated it with additional data that shows that an error was made and we have removed the video since that is not so easily correctable. we will publish a new version of the video as soon as we can. “

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