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Introducing science technology (Remove cosmic garbage)

Remove cosmic garbage! Introducing science technology and attention companies for realization

cosmic garbage

A lot of trash is floating in the universe. That number is over 20,000 items with big ones (over 10 cm)! It is thought that there are as many as 1 trillion as there are small ones.

Even if it says garbage, it is not burnable garbage etc. that is out at home like every week. Space garbage is

· Parts of loose rocket

· Launch vehicle failed to launch

· Used satellite (After swimming, I am swimming around the earth as it is)

There are three big pieces. That is, it is a mass of metal . When listening to garbage, there is an image which is fluently floating in outer space because of the image which is falling on the ground and not moving, so there are images floating in outer space, but how fast this metal lump is wandering in the universe is, It’s 7 to 8 km. It’s an expression that seems to be slow, but because it is “second speed”, it translates into speeds of 25200 to 28800 km per hour (lol) because it is said that pistol bullets are about 1500 km / h (guns Depending on the type of metal), metal garbage of space debris is wandering around the earth at a tremendous speed of 15 to 20 times the bullet. Naturally, if you hit it out.

If it hits you out. Therefore, when launching a rocket or satellite, you must confirm the position of the space debris properly and carry it to the desired trajectory. Small space garbage can not be checked from the ground, so it is a tough task with a very big risk. By the way, according to JAXA ‘s data, the number of cosmic waste is forecasted as shown below.

A savior to collect space debris appears! What?

Currently, in developed countries all over the world Space development is ahead! Development is proceeding as much as to say. On the other hand, very difficult recovery technology with respect to space junk that occurs when performing space development, was the situation in which to use as a business has been tolerated since it is difficult marked with the image.

Although it is a space industry with such garbage problem, collection technology of Japan which is unique only for collection of space garbage is considered.

Space garbage countermeasures by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

However, simply saying superimposition is not easy. If you always superimpose moving objects, they will of course be out of position. Therefore, we use alignment technology. Regarding the alignment of moving bodies, recently, it is a technique of extracting the image local feature amount of an image called SIFT (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) or SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features) and a position correction technique utilizing information on the entire image The following four methods are used.


SAD (Sum of Absolute Differences)

By calculating the absolute value of the difference between the template image and the luminance value of the pixel at the same position of the search target, it is calculated how much they are different. Therefore, the closer the value is to 0, the more similar it is.

SSD (Sum of Squared Differences)

By squaring the square of the difference between the template image and the luminance value of the pixel at the same position of the search target, it is calculated how much they are different. Therefore, the closer the value is to 0, the more similar it is.

NCC (Normalized Cross Correlation)

Unlike the above two, NCC is a method to check the similarity between images. Semantically it is close to the cosine between two points and it takes a value from 1 to -1. 1 means the same image, -1 means negative / positive reversed image.

POC (Phase-Only Correlation)

POC is a method of matching images using only phase information out of information obtained by Fourier transforming images. Similar to NCC, similarity between images is calculated. If they are similar, the POC function has a very sharp peak. The coordinates of this peak correspond to the positional deviation of both similar images.


What is worrisome is the way to remove cosmic waste.

Although it is a classic method of capturing garbage on the net already being considered overseas, it has not come true. Astro Scale does not improve this method, but detects and captures garbage in a very interesting way. It is a method of sticking with adhesive to catch cosmic garbage, lowering altitude and burning with friction heat in the atmosphere. It is the idea to launch a satellite for that. In the beginning of 2017, it is planned to launch the satellite “IDEA OSG 1” (IDEA OSG 1) to conduct distribution research of micro debris that can not be observed on the ground.

Although research and development and investigation are carried out, it is a space measure which various ideas could not be realized due to technical hurdles and incompatible with investment cost, but as Astro Scale’s efforts become successful Trash near the target orbit when you launch the satellite in the way. . . You should be able to solve the problem. I think that it will develop into a very big business. Let’s expect from the future that airborne satellite companies from Japan will dominate the world!

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