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Robot skill of crafts

Remote control of industrial robot in VR space, can reproduce skill of crafts!

“OptiTrack” that develops motion capture system “OptiTrack” “Optical track Japan” is advancing the development “Robot control in VR space” is a real-time, high-precision processing work in the VR space performed by humans by an industrial robot Can be reproduced. What was the key was that 3DCG software that is widely known.

VR (virtual reality) is undergoing rapid evolution. The use of VR for professionals is also expanding as collaboration between remote base sites in the designing process of manufacturing industry and use of dealers of cars and real estate properties.

OptiTrak Japan which develops a motion capture system “OptiTrack” is proposing a new application method with such a professional VR. As for the motion capture system, images of human movements are strong, such as incorporating the behavior of 3D characters of computer games and analyzing the movement of athletes. However, OptiTrack is utilized in a wide range of fields such as industrial measurement, non-contact sensing, system control, taking advantage of the characteristic that it can perform non-contact motion capture in real time.

The technology that the company is developing is “robot control in VR space”. The system consists of OptiTrack and a tool equipped with markers for motion capture, a VR system incorporating LEDs capable of position synchronization with a motion capture system, an industrial robot, and so on. When a user wears a VR’s HMD (Head Mounted Display), the processing object in front of the industrial robot (digitized by the 3D scanner) is displayed as VR. And, when the user processes a VR processing target using a tool in the VR space, the industrial robot moves with the same precision and processes the processing target of the real space in real time. The precision of reproducing the motion is extremely high as 0.1 mm.

“Oculus Rift” for “VR system”, DENSO WAVE “VP 6242” for industrial robot was used at “The 28th Design and Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition (DMS2017)” (June 21-23, 2017, Tokyo Big Sight) The demonstration that the movement of the tool manipulated by hand is smoothly reflected on VP 6242 was demonstrated and attracted attention of visitors.

And the DENSO WAVE industrial robot “VP6242” on the right side of the HMD wearer reproduces the movement of the tool in real time and with high precision
The position of the HMD wearer in the VR space and the movement of the tool are captured by the motion capture system “OptiTrack”
robot craft

OptiTrak Japan was exhibiting the same concept at the previous DMS 2016. So what has evolved over the past year? Mr. Shinpei Sato, the company’s technical director, said, “It is important to motion capture elaborate and subtle tool movements by human hands and coordinate transformation to the six degrees of freedom at the tip of the industrial robot to control with high accuracy It took a lot of effort to solve the problem peculiar to robot control, but it was difficult to reach the final form, “explains the task at that time.

Autodesk’s 3DCG software “Maya” solved this problem. Maya has various functions such as 3D CG, animation, modeling, but this time the important role was played in the “inverse kinematics (IK)” function. This function automatically reproduces the movement of each axis about the link structure of a human being, a robot, etc., and reproduces a reasonable movement. It has been focused on moving the skeleton of human beings smoothly, Maya’s over 20 years accumulation is said to be in the background.

When the person immersed in the VR space processes the tool using the tool, the result of the exhibition of DMS2017 is motion-captured with OptiTrack, and it is real-time and highly accurate via Maya’s inverse kinematics function It could be reflected in the operation of VP 6242 which is an industrial robot.

OptiTrak Japan has officially begun orders for “robotic control in VR space” based on the technology exhibited this time. The main application is remote control of the robot in places where humans can not go directly, as well as uses to digitize craft skills by experienced technicians and reproduce them with a robot. “The developed technology can deal with surface movements such as polishing and brushing, etc. Although there are many requests related to remote control at the present time, reverse engineering efforts to digitize crafts skills are progressing, “Mr. Mr. Sato said that it will be used to reproduce it.

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