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Rules of Survival begins banning MOD and HACK

Rules of Survival begins banning MOD and HACK

NetEase Games has begun banning players who make mods in Rules of Survival. In addition to these, hackers and those who use bots are also targeted by the company. Players with “toxic” behavior may also be reported and banned from the game.

Therefore, anyone who modifies the game may have their account banned permanently. The same punishment will happen with hackers. NetEase reinforces that players who notice a hacker in the game can use the report button that is located on the game’s score screen (the one when you die or win).

However, noticing hackers in the game is a difficult task. Especially for those who play solo. The only way to tell is to be sure that the enemy has become “invincible” or that he is with some hacker help as “heads headshot”. In group matches it is easier to identify.

Download Links (FREE) ANDROID | iOS

Developer: NetEase 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 7.0 
Language: English | Size: 600 MB

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