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This is the secret why the zombie mode of CoD: WWII is scary

Gerardo Garza explained that they sought to put themselves in the shoes of the players

This is the secret why the zombie mode of CoD: WWII is scary

Since Call of Duty: WWII’s zombie mode was announced, several members of its development team have made it clear that their intention was to make it one of the most frightening of the franchise. Now, in a recent interview with LEVEL UP, Gerardo Garza, artist of environments of Call of Duty: WWII. He revealed to us what they did to achieve it.

If you are already playing Call of Duty: WWII, you know that in their zombie mode you are part of the Men of the Monuments, a platoon of allies that rescued the art that was stolen by the Nazis in order to protect the culture. This group of approximately 345 people was not made up of experienced soldiers, but by ordinary people who loved art, and according to Garza, this makes players feel more vulnerable.

“The truth is that in zombie mode you do not play as soldiers, but as part of the group of people responsible for recovering art stolen by the Germans. There is still art that they have not found, there are families that took all their art, and it was a way in which we could show how an ordinary person can contribute to something bigger. This group was made up of professors, secretaries, ordinary people who worked in museums and appreciated art. Our soldiers are ordinary people who end up in a situation that was not expected. ”

Obviously the above is not all, as Garza and the entire team of developers of environments for Call of Duty: WWII used several design tricks to make you fear the places you visit in the modality. In addition, they did several things thinking about what the players would feel when they saw them.

“For me, as a developer of environments, one of the most important elements [to maintain terror at all times] is to think about how I would feel if I were a player who does not know that space. There are things and rules of art that you can change so that people feel differently, like the angle of a wall; the composition of a view; all that causes different sensations. Humans are visual beings, we are seeing the world all the time, and what we try to do is to design something that first allows people to rest and then fear them because of the way they are designed. People do not always know that this is happening since there are things that go to the most basic level of being human, “he said.

And you, have you already tried Call of Duty’s zombie experience: WWII? What did you think of this shooter? Tell us in the comments.

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