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See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

Check out the top Android games that have stood out in the past week. The list was very different with 2 games that are actually the year 2016. However, these games received offline versions and therefore, deserve prominence. The great news of the week was Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage that arrived bursting and already surpassed 1 million downloads.

– Dead Effect 2

dead-effect-2-offline-android See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

Dead Effect 2 has been updated and is now a completely offline game. The game can be played from start to finish, without having to connect to the internet.

In Dead Effect 2, your character wakes up on a ship that is used for bizarre experiments involving humans and aliens. Your mission is one, to survive this hell and to rescue the maximum of survivors. The game has a focus on history and a jaw-dropping visual. In 2018, the producer of Dead Effect 2, has confirmed that there will come more content that will complete the history of the game.

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– The Legend of Skyfish Zero

the-sky-2-legend See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

Speaking of history, The Legend of Skyfish is a great game for anyone looking for a mobile adventure. And what was already good, has just gotten better. The new version called “Zero” focuses on the public who do not like to put their hand in the pocket when it comes to playing a good mobile game. Legend of Skyfish Zero is completely free and features ads only if you are online.

In The Legend of Skyfish Zero, we help a girl and a whale defeat an evil fish that wants to destroy the oceans. A simple game, but with many phases, beautiful art and bosses.

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– Exiles: Battle Royale

exiles-battle-royale-apk-ingles-android-5 See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

Another day, another Battleground on Android. Exiles is the newest name for anyone looking for a Battle Royale game on Android. Unlike Survivor Royale (Knives Out) and Rules of Survival, Exiles is a lightweight game, aimed at the public that is having difficulty running other games.

Even with the proposal to be lighter, Exiles does not abandon giant map, vehicles and up to 60 players online. The controls are simple and the matches are very fast.

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– Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

naruto-boruto-ninja-voltage-android See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

Naruto vs. Boruto Ninja Voltage would come easy on our list of surprises 2017. The game that looked silly as Bandai had announced, is a fun game for mobile.

Command Naruto, Boruto and his friends in battles that are not on duty. Yes, you will command the characters in a gameplay style hack’n slash. Strategy is the “second half” of gameplay, where you must build a fortress and assemble the best ninja team.

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– Shadow Fight 3

shadow-fight-3-launch-google-play See the Best Android Games of the Week # 48 of 2017

The last game on this week’s list is not exactly this week. But Shadow Fight 3 deserves to be here. If it were not for the Battle Royale phenomenon, the game would be easy in the top position of the most downloaded on Google Play.

Even with the bigger focus on versus online, Shadow Fight 3 is still an excellent fighting game that deserves to be in this weekly top. The game has great graphics and on top is quite light, even running on mobile phones with 1GB of RAM.

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