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Steam discount guide: Sniper Elite, Worms & more

In our Steam discount guide you will regularly receive information about reduced games, free titles or free weekends. From 4 August onwards, Worms and Sniper will be able to buy more bargains.

Brand new: Our Steam discount guide informs you regularly with bargain tips from the world of the popular PC client! Whether you’re looking for free weekends, free games, or gigantic discounts on your favorite titles, this is where you’ll get the best Steam Bargains. You’ve even discovered a great deal that the world should know about? Then do not be afraid and leave us a comment at the end of these lines and perhaps your tip soon appears in the next discount leader!Steam discount guide

For this weekend, Steam has an old strategy classic on offer: Worms. The small worms are still very popular with players of all ages. That is why, in the last 22 years, many more titles have been produced. On Steam, Worms is currently available at a reduced price. Sneak and shoot: If you are more interested in nerve kitzel and action, you can have fun with various Sniper Elite titles. Also on the shooter you get full discounts throughout the weekend. Many other highlights can be seen in the following list.

The Steam Days
Infinifactory : 66% Percentage discount, 7.81 Euro (ending on August 4 at 7 pm)
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy : 33 per cent discount, 13.39 Euro (ending at 5 August at 7 pm)

Worms Special
Worms Revolution : 80% discount, 2.99 Euro (unlimited offer) Worms Reloaded : 80 % discount, 2.99 Euro (unlimited offer)
Worms Ultimate Mayhem : 80 percent discount, 2.59 Euro (unlimited offer) percent discount, 3.99 € (unlimited supply) Worms : 75 percent discount, 1.49 € (unlimited supply) Worms Crazy Golf : 75 percent discount, 2.49 € (unlimited supply) Worms WMD : 55 percent discount, 13, 49 euro (unlimited supply) Worms Clan Wars : 80 percent discount, 4.59 € (unlimited supply) Worms WMD : 55 percent discount, 13.49 euros (unlimited supply)

Sniper Special

Sniper Elite V2 : 70% discount, 5.99 € (ending on 07.08 at 19.00)
Sniper Elite : 70% discount, 2.39 € (ending on 07.08 at 19.00)

Rebellion Special

Evil Genius : 75 percent discount, 2.49 € (ends at 07:08 to 19:00.)
Lords of the Realm II : 66 percent discount, 1,019 euros (ends at 07:08 to 19:00.)

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